Bailey was abandoned at Crossroads Community Park in Citrus Heights. It’s illegal to abandon domestic rabbits (Penal Code 597s). Bailey was suffering from heat exhaustion and severe ear mites. The ear mites were so painful that Bailey screamed from the pain when rescuers picked her up. No one knew she was pregnant at the time of rescue. Bailey was treated by a fabulous local certified exotic Veterinarian. She determined Bailey wasn’t stable enough to spay right away. Bailey had a total of 4 Ivermectin injections to clear up the ear mites. On July 14th Bailey gave birth. Bailey could have suffered and died at the park. Instead she was rescued. As you can see Mommy and babies are all healthy and happy.

Bailey is a sweet gentle girl who loves to be pet. She is curious and likes to explore. She is getting use to the cats in her foster home and is less fearful of them. Loves her veggies and hay and quiet naps with her babies.

Bailey’s babies (Whiskey, Henney, Goose, Midori, Kahlua, & Soju) will be available for adoption September 8, 2021 with an additional $75.00 deposit. Once they are old enough to be altered we will schedule appointments with one of the Veterinarians we use to have them altered and vaccinated against RHVD2. Bailey will be available for adoption after she stops nursing and is spayed. She is vaccinated against RHVD2.  If you’re interested in adopting please complete the adoption application and email it back to us at Here’s a link to the adoption application


We are not able to resume on site adoptions due to covid19 and due to the Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus (RHVD2) outbreak in California. Read more about RHVD2 here  
We are adopting directly from foster care to adopter.
Interested in adopting?
Please read this very important article about RHVD2 and how you can protect your rabbit(s)
Please contact your local Certified Exotic Veterinarian or you can contact the following Veterinarians in the greater Sacramento, California area.
  • Dr. Sanchez – Companion Animal Clinic in Auburn 530-885-3251
  • Dr. Brick – Madison Avenue Veterinary Clinic 916-961-1541
  • Dr. McRoberts – Petcare 916-791-9599
  • Dr. Griffiths – VCA Sunset Animal Medical Clinic 916-967-7768
  • Dr. Kittel – Kittel Family Veterinary Practice 916-714-5387
If you are interested in getting a friend for your rabbit please read these excellent bonding articles by HRS.
Watch this great video on how to go about bonding rabbits
Always wanted a rabbit. Learn more about having an indoor house rabbit by reading the following.
Great Rabbit Care Videos

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