Nutter is a neutered male.

Are you willing to open your heart and home to a rabbit with special behavioral needs? Nutter is a very curious energetic neutered male with gorgeous blue eyes. He’s had a tough time since being rescued. We suspect that he was mishandled and abused in his prior home. Nutter has a very sweet disposition but acts out defensively by biting and chasing. He really seems to want a bunny friend. We are still trying to figure out what triggers his behavior. We’ve had him checked out by two different Vets and have an appointment scheduled for a third Vet who uses alternative treatments to help rabbits. Nutter needs an extra special rabbit experienced person who is patient and loving to work one on one with him. We’d love to see him have a forever indoor home of his very own with a person willing to love and embrace his special needs. We know with time, patience and a lot of love that he will turn into a very affectionate bunny. Please consider giving Nutter a chance at a hoppy life by adopting him❤️🐇 Contact us at 

We rescued Nutter from being euthanized at a local shelter. The shelter that Nutter was taken to euthanizes all rabbits that come into their shelter unless they are rescued by a rescue organization withing four days. This handsome rabbit has beautiful blue eyes.

Nutter (aka Buzz Lightfoot) is a very sweet rabbit, but he’s been through so much. He was abandoned at a shelter, rescued, taken to a Vet to be neutered and stay a few days there, went to a foster home, then went to Petco, then back to a foster home. This poor bunny is scared from all the changes he’s had. He needs a peaceful, calm, loving forever home with an experienced rabbit owner.

If interested in meeting Nutter contact us at or call us at 916-710-0105.

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