Calliope is such a doll. This little cutie is a spayed, Lionhead Lop.

She has the most darling fur between her ears. Calliope is playful and loves attention.

Calliope was Adopted in April 2016 and sadly returned July 2019. It was clear that she wasn’t taken care of very well. There are times when someone appears to be a good adopter but they are not. We would never have guessed that she would have been neglected. She was returned with nails so long that they were curling and fur that was matted. We are so glad she was returned to us so that we can provide her with the love and care she needs and deserves.

Calliope’s fur is long and requires brushing every other day. Her nails need to be trimmed every two months.

Calliope would love to have a friend.

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  1. How old is she? Is she still availible? How much would she be?

    • Kimberly

      Calliope has been adopted.

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