Raffi is a young male bunny. He is neutered and vaccinated against RHVD2.

Raffi was thrown from a car and found in the middle of the road at 1:30am with a bunny friend who was deceased. Raffi has a broken femur and dislocated hip. He is currently in foster care recovering from the horrific injury he endured.

Raffi would benefit from having a bunny friend. He has been through horrific trauma physically and emotionally. He is currently healed and available for adoption.

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We are not able to resume on site adoptions due to covid19 and due to the Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus (RHVD2) outbreak in California. Read more about RHVD2 here https://rabbit.org/rhdv/  
We are adopting directly from foster care to adopter.
Interested in adopting?
Please read this very important article about RHVD2 and how you can protect your rabbit(s) https://rabbit.org/rhdv/
Please contact your local Certified Exotic Veterinarian or you can contact the following Veterinarians in the greater Sacramento, California area.
  • Dr. Sanchez – Companion Animal Clinic in Auburn 530-885-3251
  • Dr. Brick – Madison Avenue Veterinary Clinic 916-961-1541
  • Dr. McRoberts – Petcare 916-791-9599
  • Dr. Griffiths – VCA Sunset Animal Medical Clinic 916-967-7768
  • Dr. Kittel – Kittel Family Veterinary Practice 916-714-5387
If you are interested in getting a friend for your rabbit please read these excellent bonding articles by HRS.
Watch this great video on how to go about bonding rabbits
Always wanted a rabbit. Learn more about having an indoor house rabbit by reading the following.
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2 Responses

  1. I just wanted to check in on Raffi. I donated last week to his care and would love to hear how he is doing. I would adopt him in a heart beat but, I live in Oklahoma. His story just touches my heart and I include him in my daily prayers. Give him kisses from Oklahoma and God bless y’all and your mission!

    • Kimberly

      Thank you so much for donating!! Raffi is going in for a check up and another x-ray of his leg and hip this coming week. We hope that he will be able to be neutered soon and adopted. Thank so much for praying for him!

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