Snickers & Comet

Snickers is a neutered male. Comet is a female that is 12 weeks old as of January 3rd, 2021. Comet is one of Twix’s babies.

Snickers was adopted but then returned when the other female didn’t bond with him. Snickers was so sad and depressed. We put Comet with him and he fell in love. Comet adores Snickers. She is always cuddled up next to him.

Snickers & Comet are bonded and have to be adopted together after Comet is spayed.


We are not able to resume on site adoptions due to covid19 and due to the Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus (RHVD2) outbreak in California. Read more about RHVD2 here  
We are adopting directly from foster care to adopter.
Interested in adopting?
Please read this very important article about RHVD2 and how you can protect your rabbit(s)
Please contact your local Certified Exotic Veterinarian or you can contact the following Veterinarians in the greater Sacramento, California area.
  • Dr. Sanchez – Companion Animal Clinic in Auburn 530-885-3251
  • Dr. Brick – Madison Avenue Veterinary Clinic 916-961-1541
  • Dr. McRoberts – Petcare 916-791-9599
  • Dr. Griffiths – VCA Sunset Animal Medical Clinic 916-967-7768
  • Dr. Kittel – Kittel Family Veterinary Practice 916-714-5387
If you are interested in getting a friend for your rabbit please read these excellent bonding articles by HRS.
Watch this great video on how to go about bonding rabbits
Always wanted a rabbit. Learn more about having an indoor house rabbit by reading the following.
Great Rabbit Care Videos

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