Wile E Wabbit

Wile E Wabbit is a young spayed female Californian.

Wile E Wabbit was sadly abandoned outside. Starving and afraid she was rescued. She’s a young bunny who is very playful. Wile E Wabbit would love to have a bunny friend. Wile E Wabbit loves to be pet. She will bury her head in your shoulder when you pick her up.

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  1. How old is she? Im looking for a friend for my senior altered boy

    • Kimberly

      She is approximately 9 months old. We do have two senior spayed females, Noel and Maisie. Does your rabbit live in the house? We are happy to schedule an appointment to meet you for a bonding session. Please send us an email to friendsofunwantedrabbits@gmail.com

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