Winnie is a spayed female with a huge dewlap.

Winnie’s slightly more opinionated about how her foster Mom should conduct herself with her. She loves tiny pieces of broccoli with a ferocity unknown to man and hates most fruits/treats, surprisingly enough. She loves dark, soft spots and her favorite pastime is rearranging her x-pen set up to discover new places to rest. She is a total sweetheart and enjoys hanging out.

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We are not able to resume on site adoptions due to covid19 and due to the Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus (RHVD2) outbreak in California. Read more about RHVD2 here
What we are doing is adopting from foster home to adopter. How that works is that you would complete our adoption application and email it back to us You will be called to go over the adoption application.
If you are approved to adopt we will put you in contact with the foster for the rabbit you are interested in to learn more about the personality of the rabbit. We will send the adoption contract for you to complete and email back to us and to pay the adoption donation. At that point you will want to purchase your supplies and get everything set up for a rabbit. You can read more about rabbit care supplies here
The rabbit will then be transported to you from the foster home to your home.

Adopted 12/4/2019! Returned 3/27/2020 Owner not able to care for her.

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