Friends of Unwanted Rabbits

Friends of Unwanted Rabbits

Kimberly Wheatfill
Kimberly Wheatfill, Founder and Director

Kimberly Wheatfill, Founder and Director of the Friends of Unwanted Rabbits (FUR) program, became a rabbit advocate shortly after adopting her first rabbit, Princess Thumper, in 1998. At that time she wasn’t aware that rabbits were discarded at shelters or that rabbit rescue groups existed.  She volunteered for a rabbit rescue organization for six years before starting Friends of Unwanted Rabbits (FUR) in 2004. At that time all of the rabbits that came into the Sacramento County Animal Shelter were euthanized. The public was unaware there were rabbits at the shelter as they did not receive any publicity. The rabbits were housed outside, in tiny wire cages until they were put to sleep….

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