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  • Studebaker


    Studebaker is a beautiful and very friendly spayed female rabbit. She too was abandoned outside. She is safe now and...

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  • Chickadee


    Chickadee is a spayed female. She is waiting to receive her RHVD2 vaccination. This precious lionhead rabbit was abandoned at...

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  • Oscar and Tyler

    Oscar and Tyler

    Oscar and Tyler are two male rabbits waiting to be neutered and vaccinated. These two rabbits were abandoned in a...

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  • Sunflower


    Sunflower is a spayed female. This precious loving rabbit was abandoned outside. Fortunately, she was rescued and brought to safety....

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  • Bandit


    Bandit is a very sweet gentle rabbit. After all that he has been through he is eager to trust and...

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  • Nicole


    Nicole is a very sweet gentle rabbit. Sadly she was abandoned outside. She was rescued and is currently in foster...

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  • River


    River is a male neutered Netherland Dwarf mix. He was rescued by the American River on June of 2018. River...

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  • Boujee


    Boujee the baby bunny! This little girl is cute, curious, and an absolute love! While her looks belong in Hollywood...

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  • Lucky


    Lucky is a neutered male. He is approximately 6 months old. Sadly, Lucky was abandoned outside with several other rabbits....

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  • Mr. Binsley

    Mr. Binsley

    Mr. Binsley is 5 weeks old. He was born on 4/14/2020. Sadly, Mr. Binsley was owner surrendered when his owner...

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  • Tofu


    Tofu is a neutered male. Sadly, Tofu was abandoned outside to fend for himself. Fortunately, he was rescued before he...

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  • Buddy & Tomiko

    Buddy & Tomiko

    Buddy & Tomiko are two bonded neutered males. Buddy (Florida White) is more on the shy side. Tomiko is more...

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