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  • Venus


    Venus brown eyeliner. White ears (Female) : Venus is a very busy girl! She is always exploring everything!  She has...

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  • Nova


    Nova brown ears, brown eyeliner (Female) : Nova is more cautious and checks everything out before committing to run around...

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  • Jupiter


    Jupiter white ears, Black Eyeliner (Male) : Jupiter is the definition of a couch potato. He is such a lazy...

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  • Comet


    Comet brown spot on nose (Male) : Comet is the sweetest!  He gives kisses. He always wants love. But he...

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  • Rhea


    Rhea, black spots on ears, Brown Eyeliner (Female): Rhea has a great little fiery personality. She was the runt of...

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  • Pluto


    Pluto black ears, black eyeliner (Male): Pluto is an active boy! He loves to run around! And is binkying away...

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  • Rocket


    Rocket brown ears, brown eyeliner (Male): Rocket loves to explore! And while exploring he is zooming away. He zooms to...

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  • Gigi


    Gigi is a very curious little girl. She’s a total sweetheart and loves to play. Gigi is spayed and vaccinated...

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  • Amber


    Amber is a super sweet. She is spayed and vaccinated against RHVD2. Amber loves to be a part of the...

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  • Tonka


    Tonka is an extremely confident, outgoing, social boy. He loves to explore, and interact with everyone in the house- people,...

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  • Jody & Checkers

    Jody & Checkers

    Jody and Checkers are a mother/daughter bonded pair. Jody is the mother. She was rescued with a group of rabbits...

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  • Kaylee


    Kaylee was abandoned outside. She is a beautiful Harlequin. She is spayed and vaccinated against RHVD2. Kaylee is very sweet...

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  • Cleo


    Cleo is a spayed female Lionhead. She is very sweet! Cleo is vaccinated against RHVD2. Cleo needs a forever loving...

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  • Bailey


    Bailey was abandoned at Crossroads Community Park in Citrus Heights. It’s illegal to abandon domestic rabbits (Penal Code 597s). Bailey...

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  • Star


    Star was abandoned at park. Suffering from heat exhaustion Star was rescued and taken to Atlantic Street Pet Emergency to...

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  • Holly


    Holly is a beautiful Blue Beveren. She was rescued after being abandoned near a school. She’s very sweet and loves...

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  • Felix & Felicity

    Felix & Felicity

    Felix & Felicity were rescued from being illegally abandoned at a park in Citrus Heights, CA. Rescuers caught Felix first...

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  • Luna


    Luna was abandoned in a park in Citrus Heights. She was suffering from heat exhaustion. She was so grateful to...

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  • Evie


    Evie is a darling little Lionhead. She is very sweet and playful. Evie is spayed and vaccinated against RHVD2. FOLLOW...

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  • Buttercup and Westley

    Buttercup and Westley

    Buttercup is the Mama to Westley. Buttercup was rescued from a local shelter where she gave birth. Buttercup and Westley...

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  • Bella


    Bella was rescued from a local shelter. She was very scared at the shelter. Bella is much happier and feels...

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  • Flint


    Flint was rescued from a horrific animal cruelty case. Flint is a young bunny. He is full of energy and...

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  • Emery


    Emery was rescued from a horrific animal cruelty case. Emery is a young bunny who would really love a bunny...

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  • Hannah and Jewell

    Hannah and Jewell

    Hannah and Jewell were abandoned in a park in Citrus Heights, CA.  When they were rescued and put in foster...

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  • Kannin


    Kannin is by for the most special foster his foster Mama has had the pleasure of having. It’s incredibly evident...

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  • Alice


    Alice is a beautiful rabbit. She is spayed and vaccinated against RHVD2. She will require an annual booster. Alice has...

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  • Papa Bear

    Papa Bear

    Papa Bear was taken to a local shelter where we rescued him and three babies. We were told that Papa...

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  • Cabela


    Cabela is still learning to trust people after being dumped outdoors.  She was found at the same location as Skittles...

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  • Scruffles & Skittles

    Scruffles & Skittles

    Scruffles and Skittles were found abandoned in front of a church the day before Easter. They were clearly bonded. They...

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  • Basil


    Basil is one of Gingerbread’s babies. He was born on 1/25/2021. Basil is neutered and vaccinated against RHVD2. He will...

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  • Fiver


    Fiver is a darling Female Mini-Rex. She has been spayed and has been vaccinated against RHVD2. Fiver is a sweet...

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  • Chico


    Chico is a neutered male. He is vaccinated against RHVD2 but will need an annual booster. Chico was abandoned outside...

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  • Domino


    Domino is a male rabbit who was abandoned outside on a property along with several other rabbits. We think that...

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  • Buddy & Tomiko

    Buddy & Tomiko

    Buddy is a neutered male & Tomiko is a spayed female. They are bonded bunnies.  Buddy is 5 years old....

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