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  • Wile E Wabbit

    Wile E Wabbit

    Wile E Wabbit is a young spayed female Californian. Wile E Wabbit was sadly abandoned outside. Starving and afraid she...

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  • Lucy & Hazel Grace

    Lucy & Hazel Grace

    Lucy was found 8 weeks ago wandering outside. The day she was rescued and brought to safety she gave birth....

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  • Nick


    Nick is a neutered male. Nick is an affectionate rabbit. As soon as you sit down he comes up to...

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  • Trixie & Cooper

    Trixie & Cooper

    Trixie and Cooper are a very sweet bonded pair. Both enjoy being petted and groomed. Trixie has an adventurous spirit and...

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  • Buddy & Tomiko

    Buddy & Tomiko

    Buddy & Tomiko are two bonded neutered males. Buddy (Florida White) is more on the shy side. Tomiko is more...

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  • Roo


    Roo is a neutered male. He is a beautiful Blue Beveren. Roo is very sweet. He loves to play but...

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  • Benny


    Benny is a very sweet neutered male. He is a beautiful Red Satin Dwarf. Benny was owner surrendered to a...

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  • Golden and Spirit

    Golden and Spirit

    Golden and Spirit and bonded bunnies. They are both altered. They are both very sweet rabbits. They are use to...

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  • Moo and Minnie

    Moo and Minnie

    Moo and Minnie are bonded rabbits. Sadly, these two lost their home when their owner moved. We are looking for...

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  • Chattel & Tort

    Chattel & Tort

    Chattel & Tort are two Adorable bonded Netherland Dwarfs. These young bunnies are super playful and love to explore. As...

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  • Winnie


    Winnie is a spayed female with a huge dewlap. Winnie’s slightly more opinionated about how her foster Mom should conduct...

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  • Scout & Max

    Scout & Max

    Scout & Max are neutered males. These two darling brothers are still young. They love to play. They need a...

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  • Nutter


    Nutter is a neutered male. Are you willing to open your heart and home to a rabbit with special behavioral...

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  • Trinity


    Trinity is a darling spayed female. Trinity is a dwarf bunny. She is very friendly and loves to be pet....

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  • Puff


    Puff is 8 weeks old as of June 22, 2019. This darling female baby was born at a local shelter....

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  • Nibblet


    Nibblet has been spayed and is ready for her forever home. She is very sweet and loves to play. Nibblet...

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  • Coconut


    Coconut is a spayed female. Coconut is sweet playful bunny. She was rescued from a local shelter where she was...

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  • Willow & Raven

    Willow & Raven

    Willow and Raven are darling spayed females. Born on January 30th, 2019 to the beautiful rescue Mama Julia. Willow &...

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  • Vixen


    Vixen is a spayed  female. She is a cuddle bun.  She’s a laid back bun. Vixen would rather chill and...

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  • Peyton


    Peyton is a spayed female. She is a beautiful Chinchilla. She has lots of energy. She loves noisy toys like...

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  • Bodie


    Bodie is a neutered male. He has tons of energy and personality. He always helps when cleaning his pen and...

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  • Echo


    Echo is a beautiful spayed Chinchilla. She is 2 years old. Echo is very sweet but a little shy. She...

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  • Julia


    Julia was found abandoned outside with Bentley. The night she was rescued she gave birth to 8 kits on 1/30/2019....

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  • Jelly Bean

    Jelly Bean

    Jelly Bean is a beautiful Californian. She is spayed. Jelly Bean is super playful. Her favorite thing to do is...

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  • Trix


    Trix was abandoned in field with several other rabbits. Trix is neutered and available for adoption. Trix is a total love! He...

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  • Phoenix


    Phoenix was abandoned in a field with several other rabbit. He is neutered and ready for a forever loving home....

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