Available For Adoption

  • Kitty


    Kitty was found abandoned outside. Our volunteers were able to catch her and bring her to safety. Kitty was really...

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  • Fabio


    Fabio is a male Lionhead bunny. He is very sweet. Fabio will be available for adoption the end of February...

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  • Midnight


    Midnight is a young male bunny. He was found after getting hit by a car that injured his leg. He...

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  • Archie


    Archie is a young male bunny. He is neutered and vaccinated against RHVD2. Archie is well a rascal. He is...

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  • Peekaboo


    Peekaboo is a beautiful Mini-Rex. She was abandoned outside in the freezing snow with Butterfly. Peekaboo is scheduled to be...

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  • Butterfly


    Butterfly is a beautiful female Mini-Rex. Butterfly was abandoned outside is the freezing cold snow along with her sister Dotti....

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  • Chico


    Chico is a neutered male. He is vaccinated against RHVD2 but will need an annual booster. Chico was abandoned outside...

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  • Bugsy


    Bugsy is a young neutered male. He is vaccinated against RHVD2. Bugsy came from the same place that Gotti came...

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  • Checkers


    Checkers is one of Jody’s babies. Checkers is a female. She is vaccinated against RHVD2 but will need an annual...

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  • Scrabbles


    Scrabbles is one of Jody’s babies. She is vaccinated against RHVD2. She will be available for adoption at the end...

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  • Fish


    Fish is one of Jody’s babies. Fish is a male bunny. He will be available at the end of March...

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  • Elise


    Elise is a darling spayed and vaccinated female rabbit. Elise was abandoned outside with several other rabbits. Fortunately, she was...

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  • Gingerbread


    Gingerbread is a female Lionhead. Gingerbread was abandoned outside in a park. Fortunately, she was rescued before she starved to...

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  • Jody


    Jody is a spayed female. Jody and her siblings were abandoned in a park. Three of her siblings were hit and...

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  • Cocoa


    Cocoa is a darling dwarf female bunny. She is spayed and vaccinated against RHVD2. Cocoa is a sweet bunny. She...

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  • Twix


    Twix was sadly abandoned outside. We rescued her and within days she gave birth to 11 kits. Several didn’t make...

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  • Rocco


    Rocco is a neutered male. He is vaccinated against RHVD2. Rocco was abandoned at Plumas Lake. Alone and starving he...

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  • Noel


    Noel is such a sweet rabbit. Someone left Noel in a box with a sign that said free. She was...

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  • Domino


    Domino is a male rabbit who was abandoned outside on a property along with several other rabbits. We think that...

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  • Calliope


    Calliope is such a doll. This little cutie is a spayed, Lionhead Lop. Sadly, humans have failed her THREE times!!...

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