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  • Glacier


    Glacier is a handsome male New Zealand. Poor Glacier abandoned in a park. Rescues have been trying to catch him since...

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  • Chestnut


    Chestnut is a beautiful spayed French Lop. This darling bunny has a little bit of bunatude. She is opinionated. What...

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  • Serenity


    Serenity is a beautiful spayed female. She is a special needs rabbit because she is blind in both eyes. Serenity...

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  • Hoptart


    Hoptart is the CUTEST & SWEETEST Netherland Dwarf. He is a male who will be neutered on March 28th, 2019....

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  • Sunflower


    Sunflower is a darling female. She was born on January 30th, 2019 to the beautiful rescue Mama Julia. Sunflower will...

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  • Willow


    Willow is a darling female. She was born on January 30th, 2019 to the beautiful rescue Mama Julia. Willow will...

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  • Raven


    Raven is a darling female. She was born on January 30th, 2019 to the beautiful rescue Mama Julia. Raven will...

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  • Dizzy


    Dizzy is a spayed female rabbit. Dizzy is a playful bunny but a little skittish.  She loves to play with...

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  • Bean


    Bean is a spayed female rabbit. Bean loves to bunstruct and play with balls. She runs around and binkies and...

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  • Amelia


    Amelia was abandoned at a local shelter. A day later she gave birth to 8 kits. Amelia is a beautiful...

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  • Vixen


    Vixen is a spayed  female. She is a cuddle bun.  She’s a laid back bun. Vixen would rather chill and...

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  • Peyton


    Peyton is a spayed female. She is a beautiful Chinchilla. She has lots of energy. She loves noisy toys like...

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  • Bodie


    Bodie is a neutered male. He has tons of energy and personality. He always helps when cleaning his pen and...

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  • Echo


    Echo is a beautiful spayed Chinchilla. She is 2 years old. Eco is very sweet but a little shy. She...

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  • Julia


    Julia was found abandoned outside with Bentley. The night she was rescued she gave birth to 8 kits on 1/30/2019....

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  • Holly


    Sweet Holly is a victim of the #Campfire. Her family lost their home and her Mom lost her job when the...

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  • Annabelle


    Annabelle is a spayed female. Annabelle is a vocal girl. She needs at least five minutes getting to know you...

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  • Maggie


    Maggie is a super playful spayed female. Maggie gets along great with kids, cats, and dogs. Maggie would love to...

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  • Brambleberry


    Brambleberry was one of four rabbits FUR rescued from the Ventura Animal Shelter to make room for incoming animals displaced...

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  • Jelly Bean

    Jelly Bean

    Jelly Bean is a beautiful Californian. She is spayed. Jelly Bean is super playful. Her favorite thing to do is...

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  • Kanga


    Kanga is a beautiful spayed female. Kanga is a sweet bunny. She loves to be pet. Kanga needs a home...

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  • Zerah


    Zerah is approximately two years old. She is spayed. This beautiful darling bunny has had a rough time. Humans were...

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  • Sugarpuff


    Sweet Sugarpuff has been returned through no fault of her own. Sadly, a change in housing has left Sugarpuff without...

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  • Sherlock Homes & Watson

    Sherlock Homes & Watson

    Sherlock Homes & Watson are bonded neutered males. Watson (formerly Galaxy) was adopted with Tulip, but it was quickly discovered...

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  • Moby


    Moby is a neutered male. Moby has a tough time. He was brought to the shelter after he was attacked...

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  • Carson


    Carson is a very sweet curious neutered male Palomino rabbit. Carson was abandoned at the Bradshaw Animal Shelter where we...

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  • Lemon Drop, Rocky & Lollipop

    Lemon Drop, Rocky & Lollipop

    Lemon Drop, Rocky & Lollipop are a bonded trio. These three are adorable! They adore each other! They all love...

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  • Obsidian


    Obsidian is a darling neutered male. Obsidian was very shy when he was first rescued. His teeth were jagged and...

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  • Trix


    Trix was abandoned in field with several other rabbits. Trix is neutered and available for adoption. Trix is a total love! He...

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