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  • Volt


    Volt is a super cute lionhead bunny. He was sadly abandoned at a park. He is safe now in foster...

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  • Milo


    Milo is a young harlequin bunny, maybe six months old. He loves to be pet and snuggled. He is playful...

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  • Walter


    Walter is a darling bunny. He is a super sweet young bun. He loves attention. Walter is neutered and vaccinated...

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  • Benny


    Benny is an energetic rabbit that loves to do zoomies as much as he can. He is about 6-8 months...

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  • Eeyore


    Eeyore is a gorgeous Mini-Rex. He is super sweet. Eeyore would love to have a bunny friend. He is neutered...

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  • Marty


    Marty is 8 weeks old as of 2/7/2024. Her Mom was rescued from Las Vegas along with several other rabbits...

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  • Cookie


    Cookie is 8 weeks old as of 2/7/2024. Her Mom was rescued from Las Vegas after she was abandoned with...

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  • Cocoa


    Sweet little Cocoa was abandoned with a group of rabbits outside. He has an injury to his nose that is...

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  • Turbo


    Turbo was abandoned outside with multiple other rabbits. He is young. He is neutered  and vaccinated against RHVD2. Turbo is...

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  • Parsley & Parsnip

    Parsley & Parsnip

    Parsley & Parsnip were rescued from the Santa Cruz Shelter. They came from a horrific hoarding case. They have adjusted...

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  • Latte


    Latte is a darling Lionhead bunny. She was abandoned with several other rabbits on the American River Bike Path. Fortunately,...

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  • Floof


    Hi my name is Floof and I was found outside in the rain with my brother Fleef last winter. I...

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  • Fleef


    Hi my name is Fleef and I was found outside in the rain with my brother Floof last winter. My...

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  • Shalom


    Shalom is a darling broken dutch who we rescued. He was abandoned outside. Shalom would love to have a bunny...

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  • Linus


    Linus is so so so sweet! Loves to cuddle! VERY excited to see people every morning. Obsessed with greens and...

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  • Jackie & Sally

    Jackie & Sally

    Jackie (black) and Sally (white) are bonded girls Sally is shy and doesn’t mind being picked up and held. Jackie...

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  • Layla


    Layla is a beautiful female rabbit. She is spayed and vaccinated against RHVD2. She will need an annual booster of...

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  • Paloma & Socorro

    Paloma & Socorro

    Paloma & Socorro are two beautiful, bonded sisters. We rescued these cuties from a Bay Area shelter where they were...

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  • Basil


    Basil is a sweet silly rabbit. He was rescued from a shelter. He was part of a hoarding case. Basil...

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  • Ruby


    Ruby is one of Apricots babies. Ruby was the runt of the litter. She will snuggle up to her humans...

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  • Carol


    Carol is one of Apricots babies. Carol is always grooming her sisters and mom. She’s always checking on her Mom...

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  • Babe


    Babe and her Mom Ruth were rescued from a Bay Area shelter that was going to euthanize them. Sadly, Ruth passed...

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  • Arlo & Luna

    Arlo & Luna

    Arlo & Luna are two darling bonded bunnies. They are both altered and vaccinated against RHVD2. They are super sweet...

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  • Link & Zelda

    Link & Zelda

    Link & Zelda were abandoned outside. A good Samaritan rescued them and brought them to a local shelter who refused...

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  • Whiskey


    Whiskey is outgoing and playful. She loves to explore and running through her tunnel. She had excellent litter box habits....

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  • Phoenix


    Phoenix has a gentle docile personality. She is the size of a cat so if you ever wanted a big...

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  • Louie


    Louie is a young male Hotot. He is neutered and vaccinated against RHVD2. Louie loves to be free and does...

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  • Reese


    Reese is one of Nessas babies. Reese is altered, vaccinated against RHVD2, litter box trained, and ready for a forever...

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  • Nick & Sumi

    Nick & Sumi

    Nick and Sumi are Nessas babies. They two siblings are bonded and love each other. They are both neutered and...

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  • Buttercup and Westley

    Buttercup and Westley

    Buttercup is the Mama to Westley. Buttercup was rescued from a local shelter where she gave birth. Buttercup and Westley...

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  • Fish


    Fish is a darling Harlequin. He is super sweet. He would love to have a bunny friend. Fish is neutered...

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