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  • Scout & Max

    Scout & Max

    Scout & Max are neutered males. These two darling brothers are still young. They love to play. They need a...

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  • Annie


    Annie is a spayed Lionhead. Sweet Annie has hit on hard times. First she was abandoned outside and left to...

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  • Merlin & Athena

    Merlin & Athena

    Merlin & Athena are bonded rabbits. Merlin is a neutered Lionhead. Athena is a spayed English Spot/Mix. Merlin & Athena...

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  • Buzz Light Foot

    Buzz Light Foot

    Buzz Light Foot is a neutered male. We rescued Buzz Light Foot from being euthanized at a local shelter. This...

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  • Pierre


    Pierre is a very friendly rabbit. Pierre loves to be pet and will give you kisses. This super outgoing rabbit...

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  • Jack


    Jack is very active. He’s a sweetheart. He is very friendly and loves to explore. Jack loves attention and loves...

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  • Trinity


    Trinity is a darling spayed female. Trinity is a dwarf bunny. She is on the shy side but once she...

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  • Blackberry


    Blackberry is 8 weeks old as of June 22, 2019. This darling male baby was born at a local shelter....

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  • Puff


    Puff is 8 weeks old as of June 22, 2019. This darling female baby was born at a local shelter....

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  • Nibblet


    Nibblet is 8 weeks old as of June 22, 2019. This darling female baby was born at a local shelter....

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  • Coconut


    Coconut is a spayed female. Coconut is sweet bunny. Coconut would love to be adopted with another bunny. Follow us...

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  • Kailua


    Kailua is a spayed female. She is a Blue Beveran. Kailua gave birth to 8 babies shortly after she was...

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  • Isabel


    Isabel is a darling spayed female. This super cuddly bunny loves to sit on your lap while you adore her....

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  • Roo & Blue

    Roo & Blue

    Roo & Blue are neutered Blue Beverens. Roo & Blue are brothers. They are very curious boys and they love...

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  • Willow & Raven

    Willow & Raven

    Willow and Raven are darling spayed females. Born on January 30th, 2019 to the beautiful rescue Mama Julia. Willow &...

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  • Bean


    Bean is a spayed female rabbit. Bean loves to bunstruct and play with balls. She runs around and binkies and...

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  • Julia


    Julia was found abandoned outside with Bentley. The night she was rescued she gave birth to 8 kits on 1/30/2019....

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  • Annabelle


    Annabelle is a spayed female. Annabelle is a vocal girl. She needs at least five minutes getting to know you...

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  • Jelly Bean

    Jelly Bean

    Jelly Bean is a beautiful Californian. She is spayed. Jelly Bean is super playful. Her favorite thing to do is...

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