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Who is FUR?
Friends of Unwanted Rabbits (FUR)

FUR is a rabbit rescue organization founded in 2004. We are dedicated to finding forever, loving, indoor homes for abandoned and neglected rabbits dumped at local area shelters. Our goal is to increase public awareness of these intelligent, social creatures as house pets.


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Will You Open Your Heart & Home to Lito?

Lonely heart looking for a loving home:
Lito: harlequin mini lop, neutered, vaccinated and ready to party, young male, 1 year old, 9 inches tall (sitting). Ready to dazzle you with stunning good looks and gravity defying Evel Knievel stunts, performances daily! Exciting flying jumps from the couch! Fast shoe drag competitions! Furious flying fabrics! Come one, come all!

Looking for experienced bunny home, no children, wide open spaces preferred to perfect my craft and performances for one and all!

Lito is a sad story looking to rewrite himself. Acquired and forsaken by 2 houses, each horribly failing him, Lito has some baggage, emotional and physical scars he is working on healing. He has suffered a punctured eye and received no medical attention despite an eye that was leaking interior eye fluid which left him blind in 1 eye. The veterinarian says he also likely suffered head trauma which partially dislocated the lense of his other eye. All this to a rabbit not more than 4 pounds and just now over a year of age… There is a likely chance he will eventually lose sight in his remaining eye and be left blind. Additionally, he was left with sharp, painful points on his teeth that dug into his cheeks when he ate and was left with an ear infection that caused him dizziness when walking and standing. He was rescued by FUR from death row literally in his 11th hour.

He has since received medial care from Dr. Brick and Animal Eye Care of Rocklin and is on the road to Wellville now. However, the physical and emotional abuse has left its toll on him. He will do anything for affection, being denied it his whole, short life. He has not yet learned that not all attention is good attention. He loves an ear rub and will stay there as long as you are willing to rub his ears and cheeks, even drooling on you! However, he also nips at you when you stop. He will bite/scratch at your feet/shoes either for attention or out of past fear from them. He is fearful of children and loud men. His owner surrender report states. He should not go to a home with children. His owner surrender report indicates that he had bitten children but also indicated he was held by them, likely improperly. He has very poor muscle tone, possibly from poor housing or nutrition, so when held, he resembles a rag doll. It would be extremely easy to severely injure him by improper handling.

He needs a well experienced, adult household with understanding he has special needs and a likely future of blindness and possible medical bills.

Contact us at if you are interested in providing Lito with a forever, loving, indoor home.

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Change The Life Of Those,
Who Have No Home

It costs $20.00 a month to provide food, litter, and hay for just one of our rabbits. It costs us between $125.00 and $155.00 to spay/ neuter and vaccinate a rescued rabbit. You can help by sponsoring one or more of our rabbits while they await a permanent forever loving home.

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