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Who is FUR?
Friends of Unwanted Rabbits (FUR)

FUR is a rabbit rescue organization founded in 2004. We are dedicated to finding forever, loving, indoor homes for abandoned and neglected rabbits dumped at local area shelters. Our goal is to increase public awareness of these intelligent, social creatures as house pets.


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Will You Open Your Heart & Home to Rocco?

Rocco was sadly abandoned at Plumas Lake. Left alone and starving. Fortunately, he was found and rescued by a good smaritian who contacted us. Rabbits don’t have the survival skills that wild Cottontails and Jack Rabbits have to know how to forage for food and to stay away from predators. Domestic pet rabbits like Rocco can easily die from starvation, be killed by a predator, or hit and killed by a car. A domestic pet rabbit should NEVER be abandoned outside. Rocco was brought into our rescue and given the medical care and TLC he needed. He was frightened at first but quickly learned that some humans are good and can be trusted. Rocco has been neutered and vaccinated against RHDV2. He will require an annual booster vaccination. Rocco is a super playful rabbit. He loves to follow you around and do zoomies and binkies to express his joy. Rocco would like to have a home where he gets lot of love and attention. Contact us at if you are interested in providing Rocco a forever, loving, indoor home.

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Change The Life Of Those,
Who Have No Home

It costs $20.00 a month to provide food, litter, and hay for just one of our rabbits. It costs us between $125.00 and $155.00 to spay/ neuter and vaccinate a rescued rabbit. You can help by sponsoring one or more of our rabbits while they await a permanent forever loving home.

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