Did you know

— Rabbits are not rodents; they are lagomorphs and should not be fed grains

— The main component of rabbits diet is timothy hay and they always should have access to it

— Rabbits drink water, so a constant supply of fresh water is essential

— Indoor House Rabbits live on average of 10 to 12 years – opting for a new member of the household is a long-term responsibility

— Rabbits need specialized care and must see a Certified Exotic Veterinarian; not every vet can properly diagnose a rabbit

— Rabbits are social animals and are happiest when they have a rabbit friend. For healthcare reasons all rabbits should be spayed or neutered

Adoption Fee
• $75.00 for a single rabbit
• $125.00 for a pair

Donations made above the adoption fees are tax-deductible and always appreciated.  Our cost to neuter a male and vaccinate against RHVD2 is $145.00.  Our cost to spay a female and vaccinate against RHVD2 is $185.00.

Adoption Fee Includes:
• Rabbit Spay/Neuter Surgery (before rabbit goes home) and vaccination against RHVD2. Read more about RHVD2 Here
• Educational Materials on how to care for the rabbit


Adoption Application                   Adoption Terms & Conditions



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