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A house rabbit is a wonderful addition to your family. However, bringing a rabbit into your home entails a significant, long-term commitment. Below, we outline some aspects of the commitment we require of those who adopt our rabbits.

Primary Caregiver. When you adopt a rabbit from Friends of Unwanted Rabbits (F.U.R.), the primary caregiver must be a responsible adult. We do not adopt rabbits as pets for children as the primary caretakers. The rabbit should be treated as an integral part of a family; thus, we do not adopt to schools, organizations, or businesses. We are looking for loving, private individuals, families, or group homes that wish to adopt a rabbit as a companion. Your entire family must want the rabbit, and, if your family has a young child, an adult must agree to supervise the child’s interactions with the rabbit at all times.

Indoor Housing. Adopters of FUR rabbits understand that our rabbits are to live indoors as household companions. This means that your rabbit must have its primary living space indoors and must spend every night indoors. During the day, you may allow your rabbits outdoors (temperatures must not be below 50 degrees or over 80 degrees) in a safe, secure space (e.g., secure fencing, close supervision, and any other safety precautions appropriate to the situation). F.U.R. staff will come to your home to assist you in setting up for your new bunny if requested and to answer any questions regarding care and housing.

Special Request. If your rabbit will be alone (i.e., without the company of people, a cat, or other household pets) a large part of the day, we recommend that you adopt a second rabbit as a companion. F.U.R staff will work with you to provide information about your rabbit’s social and emotional needs.

Spaying/Neutering. Except for medical reasons, all  F.U.R. rabbits are to be spayed or neutered prior to adoption by a qualified rabbit veterinarian. Even when your rabbit will not have a rabbit companion, spaying and neutering after sexual maturity is required for health and reproductive reasons.

Medical Care. You agree that your rabbit will be seen by a rabbit veterinarian for medical care and regular checkups (e.g., nail and teeth trimming) as required. F.U.R. will provide you with a list of qualified rabbit Veterinarians.

Returns. Although we hope that your adoption will be a permanent arrangement, if you are unable to keep your adopted rabbit, we will take the rabbit back. You agree not to give your adopted rabbit to another party, to a shelter, or to the SPCA. Instead, you agree to contact  F.U.R. and to maintain a home for your rabbit until we are able to place him/her in foster care or in a new home.

Adoption Donation. Male or female rabbit adoption donation is $85.00. Pairs are $160.00. We suggest an additional $100.00 donation to help offset the cost of spay/neuter services and the care provided while your rabbit was in foster care. Donations are happily accepted and are tax-deductible.

I agree to the following facts, terms and conditions:

— 1. I agree to provide a safe, healthy indoor environment for my rabbit. The rabbit will be set up in a place away from any predators, disease (raccoon droppings/fleas/mosquitoes) and exposure to adverse temperatures. I have adequate funds to be able to provide for the needs of this rabbit. I understand the costs of maintaining a healthy rabbit. This will include annual medical exams and any medical care the bunny may need later. ___
— 2. I agree to have the rabbit as part of the family and not kept apart in a far off space or hutch. I understand the rabbit needs social interaction and love for their emotional well-being. I understand that interaction is necessary to maintain the well-being of my bunny. Long periods of isolation in closed rooms, garages etc. where the bunny cannot be a part of the family may create both emotional and physical harm. All members of my family want the rabbit I am adopting. _____
— 3. I understand that the enclosure size appropriate for the rabbit is six times the size of the rabbit. No enclosure is required. I understand that the bunny cannot stay in an enclosure all of the time and will require time and space to run about freely to get plenty of exercise. X pens may be used to provide a safe place that bunny can call home- other enclosures work well such as NIC cubes. _____
— 4. I understand that FUR volunteers are available for consultation (free) to help with set up questions or with initial set up before or after my adoption. Education information has been provided to you. _____
— 5. I agree to read the FUR Rabbit Care information and agree to take the rabbit to a vet as needed. ___
— 6. I agree if I am adopting a pair that I have read and understand the bonding needs of this pair. I have learned about housing issues and other matters needed for their safety while bonding occurs. I agree to be in touch with my counselor to continue bonding processes as needed. _____
— 7. If renting or leasing: I have the permission of my landlord to keep a rabbit or rabbits in my house or apartment. This permission is in writing in my lease. __________
— 8. I agree to provide the rabbit with fresh food and water daily including hay, high fiber pellets and plenty of dark leafy greens. I agree to read and follow the dietary guidelines offered by FUR ______
— 9. If my rabbit is a baby I understand that I am responsible to have this rabbit spayed or neutered by 4 months for boys or at 6 months for females. I understand that this will be my responsibility. I agree to contact the FUR Director at to schedule with a one of their contracted Vets and to notify them when the spay or neuter is complete. _____
— 10. Deposits. I am paying a $100 deposit for the spay and neuter of my adopted rabbit. This deposit will be returned when I have spayed or neutered the rabbit. Send your spay or neuter certificate to Friends of Unwanted Rabbits, PO Box 882 Folsom, CA 95763 for your refund. $________________ FUR will refund your deposit once the spay/neuter certificate has been received. ________
— 11. I agree not to sell, breed or to use this rabbit(s) for any project or experiment. This is a companion pet rabbit. ____________
— 12. I agree not to give this rabbit to a third party. This is a permanent adoption. ______
— 13. I have no allergies to rabbit fur and no one in my household has an allergy to rabbit fur or to rabbit food or hay. I agree to handle the rabbit appropriately and carefully as instructed by FUR. I agree not to add an additional pet that may be a danger to the rabbit. (Certain dogs, snakes or predatory cats.) I agree to read all of my education materials and to follow approved rabbit care guidelines as outlined. ___________
— 14. I have no animals that will harm the rabbit that will be allowed in the rabbit’s area. I will supervise play activities while introducing pets (as appropriate). ___________
— 15. If there is a young child at home under 7; I agree to supervise all rabbit play with my children so the rabbit will not be harmed. ________
— 16. I agree to make my home bunny safe. I will cover all cords the rabbit has access to so that the rabbit will not be injured. I have learned how to make my home bunny safe. ________
— 17. I agree to take my rabbit to be examined by either my own vet or any one of the rabbit savvy vets FUR has given me a referral to see. I agree to provide my new rabbit companion with any needed medical care they may require. I agree not to euthanize my rabbit due to a medical need where money is the main factor in saving the rabbit’s life. Note: There are many helping agencies available to assist with one time high medical costs. We recommend pet insurance.
— 18. I understand that if these conditions are not met, that FUR (Friends of Unwanted Rabbits) has the right to reclaim the rabbit.
— 19. I understand that my adoption is meant to be permanent. In emergencies, rehoming may be facilitated through FUR. I agree not to take the rabbit to any animal shelter. I understand that I may not give the rabbit to another party. I understand that rehoming program is for emergencies only and may take 2 to 16 weeks or longer to facilitate. Rehoming needs, due to death of owner, family relocation or other emergency reasons may be arranged with our Director by emailing or a delegate. _______
— 20. Adopter agrees to comply with all state and local laws and ordinances applicable to the animals of the area in which the adopter resides.

— 21. Adopter accepts that Friends of Unwanted Rabbits, Inc has made every effort to assure that the animal is compatible with the new home; however, Friends of Unwanted Rabbits, Inc. does not guarantee the temperament or behavior of the animal, and the adopter releases Friends of Unwanted Rabbits, Inc. and/or its Officer, Directors, and Members from any liability that may result from the placing of this animal. _______

— 22. Although this animal has been seen by a Veterinarian, Friends of Unwanted Rabbits, Inc. makes no guarantee as to the health of this animal. In the event that the animal needs medical care, Friends of Unwanted Rabbits. Inc. will no assume responsibility for care or treatment of the animal. By signing below, the adopter(s) acknowledge that they have read and understand the foregoing disclaimer. ______

— 23.  Adopter agrees that this adoption is subject to future follow up visits, either by telephone or in person, and that the Friends of Unwanted Rabbits is authorized to remove this animal from the adopter’s home if it is judged not to be receiving proper care or if there has been a violation of this agreement. The adopter agrees to permit Friends of Unwanted Rabbits to visit the premises where the animal is kept, given reasonable notice, and agrees that such an entry shall not constitute a trespass on the premises occupied by the adopter. _________

— 24.  I understand that there is a tax-deductible adoption donation for the adoption of my new rabbit. This donation is not refundable. _______

— 25. Adopters acknowledges that the purpose of this Agreement is to safeguard the health and well-being of this animal to protect him/her against neglect, abuse, and cruelty, and that the adopter has entered into this Agreement freely and with good will.

Adopter’s Signature___________________________Date_______________


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