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FUR  is a nonprofit organization.

We rely on adoptions and donations to rescue rabbits from the shelter. 99.8% of the adoption fees and donations go toward spay/neuter surgery and medical care for our rabbits, the remaining amount goes towards providing care for our rabbits. We sometimes rescue rabbits from the shelter that are in dire need of medical care and through generous donations from the public we are able to pay these expenses. While we do receive reduced rates from our Veterinarians to spay/neuter our rabbits, the cost exceeds the adoption fee.

Donations made above the adoption fees are tax-deductible and always appreciated.  Our cost to spay/neuter a rabbit is $245.00 to $375.00. The cost to vaccinate against RHVD2 is $90.00. Our cost to neuter a male and vaccinate against RHVD2 is $345.00.  Our cost to spay a female and vaccinate against RHVD2 is $485.00.

We offer a variety of wonderful rabbits, each with their own unique personality.  We will help to match you up with the right rabbit for you. We encourage interested adopters to spend time with each of our rabbits to get to know them and to choose a rabbit based on personality as opposed to appearance. The larger breed rabbits such as the white New Zealands have calm, laid back personalities. The large ruby eyed rabbits are very loving and gentle. Adopting a rescue rabbit over purchasing from a breeder is the more compassionate choice.

Adoption Donation
• $85.00 for a single rabbit
• $160.00 for a pair

Adoption Donation Includes:
• Rabbit Spay/Neuter Surgery (before rabbit goes home)
• Educational Materials on how to care for the rabbit


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