Gone But Not Forgotten

  • Nubbs


    Sadly, Nubbs passed away in foster care. Nubbs came to us with multiple health issues. He was finally recovered and...

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  • Maisie


    Maisie is a spayed female. Maisie is a French Lop. Maisie is a big beautiful rabbit weighing in at 14...

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  • Cocoa


    Cocoa is a beautiful spayed female. Sadly, Cocoa’s family lost their home. Cocoa use to roam free in the house...

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  • Silver and Chloe

    Silver and Chloe

    Silver and Chloe are two adorable bonded spayed females approximately 1 1/2 years old. Silver is a beautiful American Sable...

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  • Pepper


    Pepper is a handsome male rabbit. He is a sweet bunny whose playful. Pepper is currently available for adoption. Pepper...

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  • Gizmo


    Gizmo is an Adorable Angora. Take a look at his ears; have you seen anything cuter? This bun can’t sit...

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  • Ambrose


    Ambrose is a super cutie too! Those ears are to die for… And that face, so adorable. He is a...

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  • Max


    Max is a real doll. He is super playful and full of energy. Sadly, he lost his Mother when he...

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  • Zoom


    Zoom is an adorable 9 year old Holland Lop. He is very sweet and loves to be pet. He needs...

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  • Buttercup


    Buttercup is a young female Mini-Rex. She is super soft and such a sweetheart! All of her siblings were adopted...

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  • Kettle


    Crackle and Poppy are two sweet darling sisters. They are five months old. The girls are both playful and like...

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  • Freckles – In Memoriam

    Freckles – In Memoriam

    Freckles – Deceased 1/2005. RIP sweet angel. Reaction to anesthesia. ID # 375285...

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  • Muenster – In Memoriam

    Muenster – In Memoriam

    Muenster – Deceased 11/04.  RIP little monster baby. Reaction to anesthesia. ID # 370549...

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  • Bun – In Memoriam

    Bun – In Memoriam

    Bun – Deceased 1/05. You will be missed sweet little angel.  You were dearly loved in your short life. Your...

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  • Kayla – In Memoriam

    Kayla – In Memoriam

    Kayla – Deceased 1/05.  Reaction to anesthesia. ID # 27777...

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  • Clover – In Memoriam

    Clover – In Memoriam

    Clover – Deceased 4/05.  Reaction to anesthesia. ID # 382268...

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  • Hoppy Gilmore – In Memoriam

    Hoppy Gilmore – In Memoriam

    Hoppy Gillmore – Former SHRS rabbit dumped at Sac. County. SHRS foster Jill Johnson has him and is fostering him...

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  • Dolly – In Memoriam

    Dolly – In Memoriam

    Dolly – RIP sweet Doll. You were a brave little girl and gave it your best fight to live. You...

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  • Midnight – In Memoriam

    Midnight – In Memoriam

    Midnight So Bright female ID #383986 shelter euthanized...

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  • Blackie – In Memoriam

    Blackie – In Memoriam

    Blackie – Young female rabbit Shelter euthanized ID # 385905...

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  • Muffin – In Memoriam

    Muffin – In Memoriam

    Muffin – Adult female Shelter euthanized ID # 385907...

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  • Pearl – In Memoriam

    Pearl – In Memoriam

    Pearl – Dear Pearl was euthanized by shelter 7/16/05 due to lack of space. ID # 384129...

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  • Danny – In Memoriam

    Danny – In Memoriam

    Danny was euthanized due to lack of space at the shelter 7/21/05. ID # 386367...

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  • Tawny – In Memoriam

    Tawny – In Memoriam

    Tawny – ADOPTED from the Folsom Petsmart 6/05 Tawny now has a new friend, Peter. Tawny passed away after being...

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  • Brandon – In Memoriam

    Brandon – In Memoriam

    Brandon – Euthanized due to lack of space 7/26/05. ID # 389099...

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  • Cupcake – In Memoriam

    Cupcake – In Memoriam

    Cupcake – Euthanized due to lack of space 7/26/05. ID # 390164...

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  • Shelly – In Memoriam

    Shelly – In Memoriam

    Shelly – Euthanized due to lack of space 7/26/05. ID # 390130...

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  • Bosco – In Memoriam

    Bosco – In Memoriam

    Bosco – Euthanized due to lack of space 7/26/05. ID # 390159...

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  • Fufu – In Memoriam

    Fufu – In Memoriam

    Dear sweet Bunny Fufu went to Bunny Heaven today. He was under anesthesia when he stopped breathing & his heart...

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  • Mama Mia – In Memoriam

    Mama Mia – In Memoriam

    Mama Mia – Euthanized at shelter due to lack of space. ID # 392083...

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  • Frank – In Memoriam

    Frank – In Memoriam

    Frank – Euthed for space. ID # 392143...

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  • Bob – In Memoriam

    Bob – In Memoriam

    Bob – Euthed for space. ID # 391934...

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  • Guiness – In Memoriam

    Guiness – In Memoriam

    Guiness -Euthanized at shelter due to lack of space. ID # 393790...

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  • Harelequin – In Memoriam

    Harelequin – In Memoriam

    Dear sweet Harelequin you are at peace with you bunny friends in heaven. With great sadness you had to be...

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  • Pee Wee – In Memoriam

    Pee Wee – In Memoriam

    Pee Wee euthanized at the shelter due to poor health. ID # A000151...

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  • Rascal – In Memoriam

    Rascal – In Memoriam

    Rascal – Euthed for space. ID # 393392...

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  • Chester – In Memoriam

    Chester – In Memoriam

    Chester – Male rabbit with beautiful markings. ID # 394329...

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  • Buzz – In Memoriam

    Buzz – In Memoriam

    Buzz – Euthed for space. ID # 394330...

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  • Baby – In Memoriam

    Baby – In Memoriam

    Baby – Euthed for space. ID # A001294...

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  • Lorelei – In Memoriam

    Lorelei – In Memoriam

    Lorelei – Euthed for space ID #A001916...

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  • Beauty – In Memoriam

    Beauty – In Memoriam

    Beauty – Euthanized due to lack of space. ID # A002223...

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  • Crystal – In Memoriam

    Crystal – In Memoriam

    Crystal Euthaized due to lack of space. ID # A001651...

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  • Cadburry – In Memoriam

    Cadburry – In Memoriam

    Cadburry – Young male Dutch rabbit (2 years) with a gray and white coat. ID # A002829...

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  • Sherman – In Memoriam

    Sherman – In Memoriam

    Sherman – White and black male mini-lop ID # A003684...

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  • Marvin – In Memoriam

    Marvin – In Memoriam

    Marvin – White and brown rabbit. ID # A004165...

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  • Sweet – In Memoriam

    Sweet – In Memoriam

    Sweet rex girl euthanized at the shelter due to poor health....

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  • Grant – In Memoriam

    Grant – In Memoriam

    Grant – Euthanized because he bite someone at the shelter. ID # A402488...

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  • Sugar – In Memoriam

    Sugar – In Memoriam

    Sugar euthanized at shelter due to injury 3/2006. ID # A409742...

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