Gone But Not Forgotten

  • Maximillion – In Memoriam

    Maximillion – In Memoriam

    Maximillion is in desperate need of adoption.  He’s very fearful and needs a home where he can feel safe and...

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  • Jamie – In Memoriam

    Jamie – In Memoriam

    Jamie (unknown sex) ID # A473547 Intake Date 07/09/2008 EUTHANIZED DUE TO LACK OF SPACE 7/19/2008...

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  • Speck – In Memoriam

    Speck – In Memoriam

    Speck (female) ID # A473546 Intake Date 07/09/2008 EUTHANIZED DUE TO LACK OF SPACE 7/19/2008...

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  • Clover – In Memoriam

    Clover – In Memoriam

    Clover (unknown sex) ID # A473545 Intake Date 07/09/2008 EUTHANIZED DUE TO A LACK OF SPACE 7/19/2008...

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  • Chico – In Memoriam

    Chico – In Memoriam

    Chico (male) ID # A473409 Intake Date 07/08/2008 EUTHANIZED 7/19/2008...

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  • Cookie – In Memoriam

    Cookie – In Memoriam

    Cookie (female) ID # A473407 Intake Date 07/08/2008 EUTHANIZED 07/19/2008...

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  • Max – In Memoriam

    Max – In Memoriam

    Max (on the left) is a handsome English Spot. We will have a better picture of him posted soon. He...

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  • Mr. Bradshaw – In Memoriam

    Mr. Bradshaw – In Memoriam

    Mr. Bradshaw must have had some angels looking after him because he could have easily ran on to Bradshaw Road...

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  • Melody – In Memoriam

    Melody – In Memoriam

    Melody sadly passed away at Dr. Pawlowski’s office right before her spay surgery. It appear’s she had a heart attack....

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  • Sheena – In Memoriam

    Sheena – In Memoriam

    Sheena is an adorable female Lion Head/Japenese Harlequin. Very friendly! Euthanized due to hormonal behavior. Spaying her would have taken...

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  • Mamma Mia & Sophia

    Mamma Mia & Sophia

    Mamma Mia and Sophia. Mamma Mia was dumped in a box along with her sister Millie and Goldie. Several days...

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  • Angel – In Memoriam

    Angel – In Memoriam

    Angel ID # A488701 Intake Date 01/07/2009 Euthanized 01/15/2009 Euthanized due to severe injuries, neglect and severe malnutrition....

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  • Lionhead – In Memoriam

    Lionhead – In Memoriam

    Died 🙁 Died during spay surgery 4/14/2009...

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  • Chuckie – In Memoriam

    Chuckie – In Memoriam

    Chuckie is a very sweet and cuddly boy.  He’s had a part of one ear bitten off and there is...

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  • Romeo – In Memoriam

    Romeo – In Memoriam

    UPDATE: Sadly Romeo was EUTHANIZED due to a lack of space at the shelter on 7/6/09. Romeo is a sweet...

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  • Franklin – In Memoriam

    Franklin – In Memoriam

    UPDATE: Poor Aretha was EUTHANIZED DUE TO A LACK OF SPACE AT THE SHELTER:( Aretha Franklin lives up to her...

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  • Licorice – In Memoriam

    Licorice – In Memoriam

    EUTHANIZED FOR SPACE 10/06/2009 Is Licorice not the most adorable little girl you’ve ever seen.  She’s been labeled a girl...

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  • Harold – In Memoriam

    Harold – In Memoriam

    EUTHANIZED 10/07/2009 Harold is a sweet boy who was not well cared for.  He is thin and has old scars....

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  • Zelda – In Memoriam

    Zelda – In Memoriam

    Zelda ID # A509717 Intake Date 10/21/2009 Zelda died during her spay surgery 🙁  12/22/2009...

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  • Gus – In Memoriam

    Gus – In Memoriam

    Gus appears to be an older, neutered boy.  He’s very, very mellow and gentle.  He’s not looking for a lot....

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  • Scrapper – In Memoriam

    Scrapper – In Memoriam

    Scrapper appears to have been attacked by one of the other bunnies or by something else.  His wounds appear to...

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  • Tracy – In Memoriam

    Tracy – In Memoriam

    Tracy is the only girl in the group.  We are keeping our fingers crossed that she’s not pregnant. ID #...

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  • Twister – In Memoriam

    Twister – In Memoriam

    Twister is a big beautiful girl! She LOVES lots of attention. Twister gets along great with dogs and was bonded...

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  • Jackson – In Memoriam

    Jackson – In Memoriam

    Jackson arrived at the shelter today and will not be available for adoption until February 11th.  He’s a super sweet...

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  • Lexie – In Memoriam

    Lexie – In Memoriam

    EUTHANIZED FOR SPACE Lexie and family are part of a group of rabbits that were trapped at a local park....

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  • Clark – In Memoriam

    Clark – In Memoriam

    EUTHANIZED FOR SPACE Clark and family are part of a group of rabbits that were trapped at a local park....

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  • Madison – In Memoriam

    Madison – In Memoriam

    EUTHANIZED FOR SPACE Madison and family are part of a group of rabbits that were trapped at a local park....

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  • Sophia – In Memoriam

    Sophia – In Memoriam

    Sophia is a feisty little girl who’d do well in a home with someone who is comfortable with dwarf bunnies...

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  • Bear – In Memoriam

    Bear – In Memoriam

    Bear is your typical Lionhead. He’s full of energy, can jump really high and is a climber.  He’s absolutely adorable....

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  • Buffy – In Memoriam

    Buffy – In Memoriam

    Buffy appears to be Rosco’s sister.  She too will require a little TLC and patience.  She’s a young girl who...

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  • Sissy – In Memoriam

    Sissy – In Memoriam

    Sissy also appears to be related to Buffy and Rosco.  She too is in need of a loving home to...

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  • Farrah – In Memoriam

    Farrah – In Memoriam

    Another shot of Farrah. UPDATE:  Farrah and her 5 babies were euthanized on 10/3/10....

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  • Wesley – In Memoriam

    Wesley – In Memoriam

    Wesley is incredibly shy.  He’s very thin and has obviously been neglected and ignored.  Wesley’s only chance of survival is...

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  • Cooper – In Memoriam

    Cooper – In Memoriam

    Cooper is a happy, friendly boy who wouldn’t be still long enough for me to a lot of pictures.  I...

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  • Sweetie – In Memoriam

    Sweetie – In Memoriam

    Sweetie is a shy girl but comes out of her shell when she feels safe. She’s very sweet and gentle....

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  • Lizzie – In Memoriam

    Lizzie – In Memoriam

    Lizzie is a darling little dwarf female with beautiful blue eyes. Lizzie is in need of a very special home...

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  • Mr. Bubbles – In Memoriam

    Mr. Bubbles – In Memoriam

    Mr. Bubbles loves to kick back and relax after his dancing is done. Mr. Bubbles will dance up a storm...

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  • Flemish – In Memoriam

    Flemish – In Memoriam

    Flemish giant.  Look at the grocery bag in the background....

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  • Cedric – In Memoriam

    Cedric – In Memoriam

    Cedric is quite the entertainer.  He’s an adorable boy who’s very friendly and outgoing and loves to dance.  He has...

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  • Sid – In Memoriam

    Sid – In Memoriam

    Sid a friendly, curious guy.  He is currently in foster care and available for adoption. We will miss you are...

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  • Sadie – In Memoriam

    Sadie – In Memoriam

    Sadie is a sweet female rabbit that was found with Mr. Bean. Both rabbits were wandering the streets. Sadie is...

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  • Millie – In Memoriam

    Millie – In Memoriam

    Millie is a very shy girl.  It appears that she was left alone and was not fed on a regular...

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  • Oliver – In Memoriam

    Oliver – In Memoriam

    Oliver is a super sweet and friendly guy.  He’s a PERFECT boy.  He’ll climb right in your lap and snuggle...

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