Jessie is a darling dwarf rabbit. He is a gentle sweet soul. Jessie’s former human parents sadly passed away. To make matters worse, their family who didn’t know that domestic rabbits cannot care for themselves if let go, did just that, they let them loose outside! Jessie and his brothers Gumdrop, Snuggs and Alfred were let go to fend for themselves. Fortunately a family found Alfred and Gumdrop starving and took them in to the shelter. FUR rescued the boys and put them in foster care. All three brothers look alike except for their size. Jessie is the biggest, although still a dwarf then Snuggs and Gumdrop is the smallest.  Sweet Gumdrop was adopted as a friend for Angel and Jax.

Snuggs was found by another couple that saw him limping. They picked him up and took him in to the shelter. We rescued Snuggs too and discovered that he had broken his ankle bone in his back foot. It was also severely infected. Poor Snuggs had to wear an e-collar so he wouldn’t lick his foot. Finally his foster Mom made him a little sock and slipped it over his foot which kept him from licking his foot. The bone will never grow back, so Snuggs hops around on three legs and drags his back foot but that certainly doesn’t slow him down. Snuggs is now bonded with a beautiful Belgian Hare named Madeline and living a very happy life. Poor Jessie is still waiting for his forever loving home. All of these brothers have the best temperaments. Jessie would make a great first time rabbit! He  is currently in foster care and available for adoption.

Jessie is being sponsored by Peabody’s Paradise Plants in Florida. They will donate a portion of their proceeds on the sale of certain plants to sponsor Jessie. Thank you Peabody’s Paradise Plants!!

Adopted as a friend for Thumper October 2013!

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