Snoopy is a sweet little baby bunny. We rescued him from the Sacramento County Shelter after he was brought in with a bleeding mouth. We had him seen by a Vet and it appears that Snoopy might have loosened a bottom tooth some how.

Snoopy is still young and we are supplementing him with kitten formula so he will grow up to be big and strong. Captain Midnight is currently taking good care of Snoopy. They snuggle together and Captain Midnight is teaching him how to make a whole lot of racket in the middle of the night playing : ) He has beautiful blue eyes. Snoopy loves to be cuddled and held while Captain Midnight prefers to be sit next to you to be pet.

We is bonded with Captain Midnight. They are currently at Petco in Folsom, located at 855 East Bidwell Street.

Rescued April 2014 – Adopted with Captain Midnight October 2014!

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