Fiona is a bundle of energy and FUN!

Fiona is a beautiful, friendly, brown and white spayed Dutch, a breed known for their wonderful dispositions. She’s quite curious and needs to know what’s happening at all times.

Oh, yes, and she’s blind in her right eye. Fiona came to the shelter with a corneal abrasion. Conservative treatment was initiated but we were still concerned and had Fiona checked out by a rabbit ophthalmologist at the end of June. She received a clean bill of health and is ready for her forever, loving, indoor home.

In the meantime Fiona is racing around, in and out of tunnels, tossing toys, and enjoying life!

Fiona loves attention so much that she is still learning to not bite to receive attention. Fiona is not a good fit for a home with young children. Fiona should be adopted by an experienced rabbit owner who understands rabbit behavior and is willing to work with her.

Contact us at or call 916-710-0105 to schedule an appointment to meet Fiona.


Adopted with Serenity 5/2019!


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