Pattie Peanut Bunner

PATTIE (Peanut Bunner Pattie) Pattie is a female. She is approximately six months old.
Pattie is one of ten rabbits rescued from Las Vegas, all named after Girl Scout cookies.  Pattie was rescued from a dumpsite in Las Vegas where over 700 rabbits were dumped over the years.
Despite having a rough start in life Pattie seems very playful and friendly.  
Pattie Peanut Bunner would love to be adopted with another rabbit.
Adoption Donation:  $55 for one or $100 for two.
If interested in adopting, please call us at 916-710-0105 or email us at
Patti was bonded to a bunny and Adopted September 2018!!

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  1. We are looking for a dwarf rabbit for our preschool classroom

    • Kimberly


      Rabbits are very social animals and get very lonely, bored, and depressed if left by themselves. For these reasons we do not adopt rabbits as classroom pets. Classrooms are not temperature controlled at night or on the weekends which is another reason that they shouldn’t be left in a classroom. Rabbits also do not make good pets for young children. Young children like to hold and cuddle animals. Rabbits have very delicate skeletal systems and do not like to be picked up or held.

  2. Very interested in Patty if someone could email with more information would be greatly appreciated

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