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Tyler is a darling neutered male who has been vaccinated against RHVD2. Tyler was abandoned in a feral cat colony. He's fur was sprayed from all the cats. His fur is shedding out the yellow and is growing in a beautiful white. Tyler was abandoned with Oscar. He is very friendly and would love to have a...
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Lola is a beautiful rabbit! Check out that impressive dewlap she has. Sadly, Lola's Mom is very very sick and in and out of the hospital. She made the very difficult decision to surrender her to us so that she could be well cared for. Lola has a bit of sass. She will be available for adoption...
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Anise & Pepper

Anise & Pepper were abandoned outside on a property along with several other rabbits. These two darling rabbits grieved without the other. Once altered and recovered they were reunited. Both Anise & Pepper are very sweet and need a forever loving indoor home together. They have been spay/neutered and vaccinated against RHVD2. Follow us on Facebook &  Read more

Clarabelle & Babies

Clarabelle is a very sweet and gentle rabbit. Sadly, she was abandoned outside. She must have been very worried about her kits. A day after we rescued her along with several other rabbits that were abandoned on a property, she gave birth to 7 kits on August 17, 2020. We think that Domino is the father...
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