Fundraiser – Bunnies with a Message

We are auctioning off two Bunnies with A Message Journal/Albums to the highest bidder to help us raise funds for spay/neuter, vaccination, and medical expenses. The albums can be used as a journal or to add pictures of your rabbit(s), or to inspire you with the encouraging messages. A sampling of each album is below. You can see videos and more pictures of the albums on both our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Bid on Bunnies with a Message – A and Bunnies with a Message – B separately. Bid on the corresponding post.  Starting bid is $40.00 for each journal.  Bid in $1.00 increments. There are current bids posted for each album/journal in the comments of each post.  Bidding will be on our Instagram and Facebook pages so be sure to check both at @FriendsofUnwantedRabbits.  Bidding starts NOW and will end on Tuesday 2/20/24 at 10:00pm pst.  International friends can bid if you’ll help us with the cost of shipping in the event you win.

Please help us to continue to help rabbits in need like Trooper, Lollipop, and Rootbeer.

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