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Urgent Donations Needed!

Friends, in the last month we have rescued two female rabbits, Julia & Amelia both who had 8 kits each. We also rescued several young bunnies under 8 weeks old. With rescue comes great expenses for spay/neuter. We are in urgent need of donations to raise approximately $2400 to cover spay/neuter expenses. Can you help? Read more

Truly Loved T-Shirt

Show off your true love for rabbits by supporting rabbit rescue! Friends of Unwanted Rabbits recently rescued a Mom who had 9 kits from a local shelter. Sadly, one of Amelia’s kits passed away leaving 8 kits. We also rescued two baby Dutch bunnies, Percy & Olive from a shelter. We need to raise money to...
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Season’s greetings to you and yours!

Please consider making a tax-deductible year end gift to Friends of Unwanted Rabbits.
Without your generous donations we wouldn't be able to help rabbits like Runny Babbit, Carson, Frosty, Moby, Kanga, Jean Grey, Pluto, Kiki and so many more. Your gift helps with urgent life saving medical needs, spay/neuter expenses, and daily care.
Please help us continue...
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Giving Tuesday, November 27th

Give where your heart is this Giving Tuesday. Donate to help rescue rabbits like Runny Babbit who was abandoned on a bike path starving and severely injured. Runny Babbit had two severe injuries to his cheek and head. He had to undergo surgery to clean out the abscessed wounds. He will require further medical treatment. Carson...
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