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Have A Heart – Don’t Abandon Your Rabbit Outside – BTW It’s Illegal!

What should you do when you can no longer keep your pet rabbit? We are receiving an alarming number of emails, calls, and messages on social media about domestic rabbits being abandoned outside. The pandemic has brought with it folks who have lost their jobs and are struggling financially. Many cannot afford to keep their pet...
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Rabbits abandoned in park are saved!

Recently, we rescued multiple rabbits who had been abandoned outside in two different parks. Sadly, domestic rabbit don't have the ability to fend for themselves outside. They are not like wild cottontails or jackrabbits that are born with instincts to care for themselves. Domestic rabbits end up starving to death, killed by predators or hit...
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Adoptions to Resume Jan 3rd 2021

Due to shelter at home orders because of covid19, we have suspended all adoptions until January 3rd 2021. If you currently have an appointment with us that appointment will be kept. If you're interested in adoption you can email and adoption application to us and we will contact you after Jan. 3rd. Stay safe friends! Read more


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