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Jelly & Bean

Jelly & Bean are two adorable siblings. Jelly is a boy and Bean is a girl. These two sweet bunnies are altered and vaccinated against RHVD2. They both love head pets and running around like crazy. Jelly is white and Bean is white and brown. They love zoomies, flopping, and destroying cardboard boxes.
Upcoming Adoption...
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Hans is a spunky Dutch Dwarf bunny. He is full of energy and loves to play. Hans is neutered and vaccinated against RHDV2. Poor Hans has been returned twice. He really needs an experienced patient understanding home. We suspect he has been abused.
Upcoming Adoption Events
12pm to 4pm in the Classroom at Bradshaw...
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Dot is an adorable little hotot dwarf mix whose two favorite things are head pets and veggies. Since having her babies (Jelly and Bean) she has been loving getting a break from them and can’t wait to meet you! She loves doing zoomies but mostly spends her day lounging around and begging for more pets....
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Maple was confiscated from a hoarding case. This poor bunny was one of hundreds of animals who were neglected at a property. Maple is still learning to trust humans. She is very shy and doesn't want to be pet likely because humans were not kind to her. She loves her chew toys and is curious...
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