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Maple was confiscated from a hoarding case. This poor bunny was one of hundreds of animals who were neglected at a property. Maple is still learning to trust humans. She is very shy and doesn't want to be pet likely because humans were not kind to her. She loves her chew toys and is curious...
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Lil Blue

Lil Blue is a sweet Blue Beveren. He is neutered and vaccinated against RHVD2. Lil Blue would love to have a bunny friend. FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM
We are not able to resume on site adoptions due to covid19 and due to the Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus (RHVD2) outbreak in California. Read more about RHVD2...
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Ukiah is a darling male Mini-Rex. He was born on January 4th, 2019 to the beautiful rescue Mama Amelia. Ukiah will be available for adoption at our April 6th Adoption Event from 12:00pm to 4:00pm at Petco 855 East Bidwell Folsom, CA (Next to Sprouts & Office Depot). Ukiah would love to be adopted with one of...
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Dizzy is a spayed female rabbit. Dizzy is a playful bunny but a little skittish.  She loves to play with toys and chill out in her hidey house. She is curious and would love to have a family that is able to give her a home full of toys where she can run around. Dizzy is...
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