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Wile E Wabbit

Wile E Wabbit is a young spayed female Californian. Wile E Wabbit was sadly abandoned outside. Starving and afraid she was rescued. She's a young bunny who is very playful. Wile E Wabbit would love to have a bunny friend. Wile E Wabbit loves to be pet. She will bury her head in your shoulder when...
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Lucy & Hazel Grace

Lucy was found 8 weeks ago wandering outside. The day she was rescued and brought to safety she gave birth. Hazel Grace is her daughter. Lucy is more on the reserved side. When we rescued her we took her to the Vet because her eye was weeping and she wasn't eating and eliminating as she should....
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Trixie & Cooper

Trixie and Cooper are a very sweet bonded pair. Both enjoy being petted and groomed. Trixie has an adventurous spirit and likes to explore. She also does the worlds cutest binkys. Cooper's happy place is sitting in a box (he might actually be a cat). Together, these two are very loving and gentle. They have excellent bathroom habits and...
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Buddy & Tomiko

Buddy & Tomiko are two bonded neutered males. Buddy (Florida White) is more on the shy side. Tomiko is more of the explorer. Both boys are very sweet and love to be pet. These two sadly lost their home because their mom had to travel for work. Buddy & Tomiko need a forever loving indoor home. Follow us...
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