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Buzz Light Foot

Buzz Light Foot is a neutered male. We rescued Buzz Light Foot from being euthanized at a local shelter. This handsome rabbit has beautiful blue eyes. Before being neutered he would make a buzz buzz sound thus how he earned his name. Buzz Light Foot is a very sweet rabbit. Follow us on Facebook & Instagram...
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Puff is 8 weeks old as of June 22, 2019. This darling female baby was born at a local shelter. Her and her siblings were in danger of being euthanized. We rescued her sister Nibblet and brother Blackberry too. Puff is a sweet young bunny Puff is currently in foster care. Follow us on Facebook  &  Read more


Kailua is a spayed female. She is a Blue Beveran. Kailua gave birth to 8 babies shortly after she was brought to a shelter. Roo & Blue are two of her babies. Kailua is a very sweet loving rabbit. She would love to be bonded to another rabbit. She is fond of Parsley. Follow us on Facebook &  Read more


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