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Matilda is a super sweet bunny. She has some lionhead in her. She is spayed and vaccinated against RHVD2. VENUS (WHITE BUN) IS A SPUNKY, SASSY GIRL. SHE RUNS TO YOU FOR TREATS AND VEGGIES. SHE CAN BE VERY SWEET AND ENJOYS PETS, BUT SHE WILL LET YOU KNOW WHEN SHE IS DONE WITH PETS. SHE...
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Neptune & Venus

Venus (white bun) is a spunky, sassy girl. She runs to you for treats and veggies. She can be very sweet and enjoys pets, but she will let you know when she is done with pets. She does take some time to trust so she needs a patient owner. She does tend to follow Neptune's...
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Jelly & Bean

Jelly & Bean are two adorable siblings. Jelly is a boy and Bean is a girl. These two sweet bunnies are altered and vaccinated against RHVD2. They both love head pets and running around like crazy. Jelly is white and Bean is white and brown. They love zoomies, flopping, and destroying cardboard boxes.
Upcoming Adoption...
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Frenchie is an absolute doll. This darling bunny was abandoned with 13 other rabbits in Galt, CA. She is a lionhead. Frenchie is spayed and vaccinated against RHDV2.
Upcoming Adoption Events
12pm to 4pm in the Classroom at Bradshaw Animal Shelter, located at 3839 Bradshaw Road, Sacramento, CA 95827
April 1


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