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Rootbeer is a darling sweet bunny. We rescued him from the Bradshaw Shelter where he came in with an injury to his ear and his eye. He had to have his right eye removed. He's fully recovered and ready for his forever loving indoor home. Rootbeer would love to have a bunny friend. He is...
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Paddington has been through some trauma in his young life. We rescued him from a shelter when he came in injured. His front right leg had been degloved. Fortunately, he healed really well. Paddington is a sweetheart. He is neutered and vaccinated against RHVD2. He will need an annual booster. UPCOMING ADOPTION EVENTS
Sunday, July...
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Bugs is a sweet bunny who loves the ladies. He would love nothing more than to be bonded with a female bunny. Bugs came for a horrible hoarding case where he was severely neglected. He had malocclusion and had to have his front teeth removed. The only difference in care is that he needs his...
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Snoopy came from a horrific confiscation case where he was neglected. Snoopy has malocclusion and has had some of his front teeth removed. Snoopy loves to be pet and is playful. He will need to have a check up on his remaining front tooth occasionally. He is neutered and vaccinated against RHVD2. UPCOMING ADOPTION EVENTS


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