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Lemon & Tangerine

Meet Lemon & Tangerine. Thye were abandoned outside. Lemon is a curious bun who loves to explore. For anything new, he goes out and gives it the once over before Tangerine comes out to look. Tangerine is more reserved but gives her affections after getting comfortable. She loves hidey holes to sleep in. He prefers...
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Frankie & Murray

Frankie & Murray are two brothers. They were found abandoned outside the day after Christmas 2022. These sweet boys are very bonded. After being left outside to starve to death or worse get killed by a predator, they don't want to leave each other's side for long. The boys are both neutered and vaccinated against...
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Dash was abandoned with Dot outside of the Bradshaw Animal Shelter in a carrier. He is a darling Dutch Dwarf with beautiful blue eyes. Dash is a bouncing ball filled with binkies! He loves running around like crazy and he definitely loves people. He is a zoomie pro! Dash is neutered and vaccinated against RHVD2.
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Cupcake was abandoned outside in a field. She fortunately was rescued. Cupcake is a very curious bunny. She loves to explore. Cupcake would do well with another bunny.
Upcoming Adoption Events
12pm to 4pm in the Classroom at Bradshaw Animal Shelter, located at 3839 Bradshaw Road, Sacramento, CA 95827
November 6 (Sunday)
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