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Soju is a shy girl who needs someone who is patient and gentle. She has excellent litter box habits. She is very curious and likes to explore and play once she warms up. She would do best in a home with older children. She is one of Bailey's babies. Soju is spayed and vaccinated against...
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Clover was rescued from a research lab where animal testing was done on her. Clover was very scared when we rescued her. She's really come around in foster care. Clover loves bunny massages and will flop on her side to show her contentment. Clover is spayed and vaccinated against RHVD2.
Upcoming Adoption Events
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Phoenix has a gentle docile personality. She is the size of a cat so if you ever wanted a big bunny she's the gal for you! She is 100% litter box trained and likes to hang out in her hidey very peacefully or enjoys window watching. She is peaceful with her bunny room mates and enjoys binkies for...
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Stewart Little

Stewart Little might be small but he is mighty. This little bunny is full of energy. He loves to binky and play. Stewart Little has been neutered and vaccinated against RHVD2. He would love to have a bunny friend.
Upcoming Adoption Events
12pm to 4pm in the Classroom at Bradshaw Animal Shelter, located at...
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