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Yahtzee is a beautiful 8 year old neutered Harlequin Holland Lop. Yahtzee is a senior rabbit who needs a forever loving indoor home. Yahtzee lived outside his entire life prior to being rescued. He was lonely and severely neglected. Fortunately, Yahtzee was rescued. Yahtzee would love to have a bunny friend to live out his senior years...
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Noel is a spayed female. She is a beautiful Silver Fox. Noel was wandering outside a day before it started raining. This poor bunny was starving. Noel is very gentle. She loves to be pet and enjoys being a house rabbit. Noel would love to have a bunny friend. We think she's a bit older. Follow us on  Read more


Tubby is a beautiful female Mini-Rex. Tubby is the biggest baby of Amelia's. Tubby will be available for adoption at 8 weeks of age at our Adoption Event on Saturday, March 2nd from Noon to 4:00pm at Petco 855 East Bidwell Folsom, CA. The deposit will be kept until the rabbits are altered by one of our...
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