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Maple was confiscated from a hoarding case. This poor bunny was one of hundreds of animals who were neglected at a property. Maple is still learning to trust humans. She is very shy and doesn't want to be pet likely because humans were not kind to her. She loves her chew toys and is curious...
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Frankie & Murray

Frankie & Murray are two brothers. They were found abandoned outside the day after Christmas 2022. These sweet boys are very bonded. After being left outside to starve to death or worse get killed by a predator, they don't want to leave each other's side for long. The boys are both neutered and vaccinated against...
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ReRa & Jessie

ReRa and Jessie where rescued from a research lab where animal testing was done on them.  They were both  terrified when rescued. They have both learned to trust humans in foster care. The girls are bonded and adore each other. They are both spayed, healthy, vaccinated against RHVD2.
Upcoming Adoption Events
12pm to 4pm...
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Mini was abandoned at just 10 days old. Coconut took her in and cared for her and her sisters. Mini can go to a new home as a Foster-To-Adopt. Once she is spayed on August 25th at our expense the adoption becomes official. Mini is vaccinated against RHVD2. Mini would love to be adopted with...
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