Sweet Sugarpuff has been returned through no fault of her own. Sadly, a change in housing has left Sugarpuff without a home. The rental markets in California often either don’t allow pets at all or limit the number of pets. Unfortunately this contributes to the high number of homeless pets and a reason why rescues often see unexpected returns.

Sugarpuff wanted to be held for an hour after she was returned. She didn’t want to be put down or put in a cage. She only wanted to be comforted. This darling bunny deserves a true forever home. She’s small, but rather feisty with other rabbits.

Often families with small children gravitate toward small bunnies like Sugarpuff thinking that the rabbit will be easy to handle. For this reason families with young children will not be considered. We do not adopt rabbit LD for children. Rabbits have delicate skeletal systems. Sugarpuff has suffered a fracture to her leg in the past.

Folks sometimes want a small rabbit thinking they can keep them in a small cage. We will not consider homes where Sugarpuff is confined to a cage. An exercise pen is appropriate housing for her at night or when the adopter is not home. She needs to be a free roam rabbit. This doesn’t necessarily mean she has access to every room in a home, although she would be a great rabbit to have free roam, it means she needs free roam outside of an exercise pen when the adopter is home and awake. Sugarpuff has excellent litter box habits. She loves to be pet and does like to cuddle.

We are looking for a forever loving indoor home for Sugarpuff. If we are unsure if an applicant can provide a forever home, we will not approve the adoption. All members of the home must be on board with committing to providing a home for her for the next 10 to 12 years of her life. We are very protective of Sugarpuff and want only the best for her.

If you feel you can provide an excellent forever home for Sugarpuff please email us at to schedule an appointment to meet her.


Sugarpuff was Adopted by her foster Mom May 2019!


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