Coco is a beautiful female Mini-Rex Rabbit. She was bonded to a darling sweet bunny named Emo, who sadly passed away last week. Coco wouldn’t leave Emo’s side when he was sick.  She needs lots of attention but not just people but from another rabbit. Coco will jump in your lap for love and pets on the head. She gets along great with cats and dogs and of course other rabbits.

Baby is approximately four weeks old and was dumped at the Sacramento County Animal Shelter. We rescued him and noticed he missed his Mommy and was very sad. So we decided to bond Coco and Baby toCgether. We are still working on a name for “Baby”. So far the bonding is going well and Coco and Baby are finding much needed comfort from one another.  They will have to be adopted together. They are currently in foster care.

ADOPTED! Coco and Baby Topper didn’t bond but they both have happy endings. Coco was adopted to a fabulous new home and will hopefully have a new bunny friend soon.

Topper’s foster parents fell in love with him and he is now part of a family of Chin dogs who love him dearly and groom him.

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