Grayson & Zoey

Grayson and Zoey are a darling bonded pair who need a chance at a wonderful life.

Grayson is quite a distinguished grey gentleman, with handsome grey fur and one white paw. HeĀ is a beautiful Blue Beveren.

Zoey is a tiny sweet Netherland dwarf rabbit with very blue eyes.

Sadly, their owner is moving and could no longer keep them. Grayson & Zoey had free roam of their previous home. They both have excellent litter box habits. This darling pair of bunnies need a true, forever, loving, indoor home. FUR rescued both bunnies on 5/30/2013. Five years later these sweeties need a new home.

Grayson and Zoey are a gorgeous bonded pair of seven year old rabbits. For the past six years they have been free roaming house rabbits with impeccable litter box habits. Both bunnies are content to let you pet them ALL day every day!!! They truly are the sweetest bunnies.

See Grayson and Zoey’s video: Grayson & Zoey on YouTube

If you’re interested in welcoming these two very special rabbits into your family please email us at or call us at 916-710-0105 to schedule an appointment to meet them.


Adopted 1/2019!!!

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