Surly this little bunny was sprinkled with pixie dust. Just look at how adorable she is!!

Pixie was sadly abandoned a local shelter the day before Christmas Eve. Her feet are filthy, soaked in urine. She likely sat in a dirty cage. Pixie was fed bread for three days before her previous owner brought her to the shelter. We are grateful they brought her to the shelter so that we could rescue her and give her a good life. This sweet bunny is in good hands know with FUR. She will receive lots of TLC. Pixie is happy to be in a clean environment with people who know how to care for her.

Pixie has beautiful blue eyes. She would love to have a forever indoor clean home and a bunny friend.

Pixie was bonded to Lily and Adopted 2/2/219!! Returned bonding didn’t work. Adopted again 3/2/2019!


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