Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea is a dwarf rabbit that was at the Sacramento County Animal Shelter. A volunteer had Sweet Pea in an x-pen the other day to get some hopping time in. In walks a volunteer who is walking a very large pit bull dog. The dog slowly goes up to the pen to smell the bunny. Sweet Pea runs from across the x-pen starts grunting and boxing at the dog. Scared the poor dog who quickly hid behind the volunteer.

On 2/4/2014, the next day we learned that Sweet Pea was pregnant and gave birth to five babies which explains why she was protecting her space.

Sweet Pea is a tiny little dwarf. She is really sweet and likes to be pet. She is a great little Mama but is very protective her five little darlings.

Sweet Pea and her babies are currently in foster care.

Rescue Date 2/5/2014 – Sweet Pea was ADOPTED May 2014!

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