Beware of Fly Strike

We recently rescued Hope from a local shelter. She had 7 bite wounds with the largest wound containing maggot infestation. We took Hope in immediately for medical treatment. She is currently recovering in foster care. If you’d like to donate to her medical expenses we’d be so grateful. DONATE HERE

With Summer upon us there is an increase in flies. It’s important to educate yourself about the dangers of fly-strike/maggots. This is another reason why rabbits should not be housed outside. Even rabbits housed indoors can become victim to fly-strike.

Fly-Strike/maggot infestation is considered an emergency specifically for rabbits. Waiting over 24 hours to be treated can be deadly to a rabbit.

Within a 24-hour period an otherwise stable rabbit can enter a terminal state of shock due to maggot infestation. Observation of an active rabbit with active maggots does not indicate that the rabbit is stable or safe from death. If the maggots are not found and flushed out before getting too deep, there may be no hope. Between tissue damage, infection and toxic shock they do a terrible job on their victim.

Myiasis flies lay eggs in the skin soiled with feces or diarrhea, on skin irritated by urine or in untreated infected wounds. The larvae that emerge from the hatched eggs will immediately start burrowing themselves through the skin, into the flesh of the host animal. A consequence is septicemia and shock, which lead to the rapid death of the rabbit.

If you have a rabbit with fly-strike or maggot infestation DO NOT attempt to remove them yourself. Fly bots can release a toxin if removed improperly which can send the rabbit into shock and ultimately cause death.
DO get your rabbit into a Certified Exotic Veterinarian right away.…/Parasit…/Myiasis/Miyasis_fly.htm

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