Donations Needed for Sunshine

Sunshine came into a shelter late Wednesday night with two abscesses on her cheeks, emaciated, and in pain. We rescued her Thursday morning and rushed her to PetCare Veterinary Clinic where she was examined by the wonderful Dr. McRoberts. Sunshine has an abscess on both sides of her face. Her teeth are a mess. They are growing at and angle towards each other. This has caused her top incisors to over grow. She will need extensive dental work but first she needs to be strong enough to under go sedation. Poor thing was loudly grinding her teeth, a sign of pain. She will be hospitalized for a few days. She’s receiving fluids, pain medication, force feeding, antibiotics, dental x-rays and the abscess will be cleaned out. She is covered in flea dirt. 

Dental x-rays revealed that her jaw is badly abscessed and has destroyed her molars on the right side. Dr. McRoberts is consulting with U.C. Davis Veterinary Hospital to determine the next step in treating Sunshine.  We might have to take her to U.C. Davis.

Donations are needed to help cover the cost of Sunshine’s medical expenses. Donate Here

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Please keep Sunshine in your thoughts & prayers ????


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