Is Your Rabbit Molting?

Rabbits are molting this time of year.  As the weather starts to change so will your rabbits fur. They’ll go through a good molt.
Rabbits also tend to not drink as much water when the weather changes.
Here’s somethings you can do to help your rabbit while they’re molting and to help prevent them from going into GI Stasis.
  • Offer a bowl of water in addition to a water bottle.
  • Get veggies wet so bunny takes in more water.
  • Brush your rabbit daily so that they are not ingesting the fur when grooming which can cause a potential blockage.
  • Offer herbs that help with molting and digestion

Here’s a few of our favorite grooming tools.

In addition to brushing your bunny you can add in these great organic dried herbs that help with molting.
Know the signs of  Gastrointestinal Stasis. Read all about GI Stasis the Silent Killer Here.
If your rabbit doesn’t eat, drink, urinate, or poop in a 12 hour period it is an EMERGANCY! Please get your rabbit to a Certified Exotic Veterinarian right away. Click Here for a list of Vets.
Keep your rabbit healthy and happy by grooming him/her on a regular basis.

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