Rabbits Are Not for Easter

95% of rabbits purchased for Easter will not make it to their first birthday. Rabbits are not good pets for young children. Rabbits have delicate skeletal systems and don’t like to be picked up and held. Rabbits live on average between 10 and 12 years. They are a high maintenance pet and not easy to care for by children. Most children lose interest in rabbits within the first two months. Rescues see an influx of rabbits discarded at animal shelters just a few months after Easter and as soon as the baby rabbits purchased as gifts start displaying hormonal behavior. Males are sexually mature at 8 weeks of age, females at 16 weeks of age. Most don’t know that rabbits can be spay/neutered, but must see a Certified Exotic Vet.

Rabbits are a long term commitment for responsible adults who have read up on how to properly care for an indoor house rabbit.

Purchase a stuffed toy or chocolate for your child for Easter. Leave the live rabbits for responsible adults ready to take on a long term commitment.

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