Sunshine Post Surgery

Sunshine is back home from her surgery and hospitalization. Dr. Harvey was able to clean out both abscesses in both sides of her jaw. A tooth was removed on the left side. It looks pretty rough, poor bunny ? The wounds have to be flushed once a day, compresses have to be applied, she’s on penicillin injections, TMS and pain medication. She has a long lasting pain medication she’s on. The right side has a suture. She has to go back for a follow up in 10 days. Please keep this little girl in your thoughts and prayers as she recovers. Our hope is that this will take care of the problem and the fractured tooth root that is embedded in her jaw on the right side doesn’t cause any issues. Sunshine has eaten a little tonight and is resting. We are grateful for the excellent care she received from Dr. Harvey and to Dr. McRoberts for driving up to assist with the surgery.

Donations are still needed to pay for the rest of Sunshine’s surgery and for her post surgery appointments. Donations can made to our Paypal  at or Click Here to Donate.

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