Thinking of giving a rabbit as a gift? Think Again

Rabbits should never be given as a gift for Christmas or any other occasion. Rabbits are a 10 to 12 year commitment. They are high maintenance pets and require constant care unlike a dog or a cat. Most children lose interest in rabbits, not all, but most lose interest once the novelty has worn off. Rabbits must see Certified Exotic Veterinarians which are more expensive then Veterinarians who see only dogs and cats. If you are considering a rabbit as a pet please research how to properly care for a rabbit then visit a rabbit rescue organization to adopt. They should live indoors only in an exercise pen and never a cage! Rabbits need to be housed where the most activity is in the home as they are very social animals. They need at least 3 or more hours a day outside of their exercise pen to run and play. Rabbits are very social and love to have a bunny friend.  Some rabbits can free roam if they are not destructive and don’t need to be supervised. Here’s some rabbit care articles and videos to get you started with your research.

Please read this very important article about RHVD2 and how you can protect your rabbit(s
If you are interested in getting a friend for your rabbit please read these excellent bonding articles by HRS.
Watch this great video on how to go about bonding rabbits
Always wanted a rabbit. Learn more about having an indoor house rabbit by reading the following.
Great Rabbit Care Videos

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