Bunnies Looking 4 Love

Peter & Bonnie had a successful love connection today Peter was a bit on the shy side. Bonnie showed her contentment by doing joyful flops. As of this evening she is still anxiously awaiting a first kiss from the handsome sledding expert. These two have found their hoppily ever after in one another 🐰🐰 Seeing the bliss on their hoppy little faces was a delight.

If your bunny is looking 4 love, contact us about setting up a speed date with one of our many available bunnies. Your rabbit needs to be spay/neutered. Send us an email at teamfur@gmail.com or call us at 916-710-0105

peter and bonnie b peter and bonnie c peter and bonnie a peter and bonnie eating peter and bonnie best peter and bonnie

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