Runny Babbit

Runny Babbit was found by a runner who was out running. He was injured with several wounds that had abscessed. Runny Babbit has recovered from his wounds and has been neutered.

Runny is one of the sweetest rabbits we’ve ever had the pleasure of rescuing. He adores attention and will literally jump in your lap for cuddles. When he was recovering from having his wounds surgically cleaned, he would run up and lay his head on your chest to be pet, often jumping up for you to cuddle him. His fur is still growing back from where it was shaved to clean out his wounds.

Runny Babbit needs an extra special home. Although he likes to be cuddled this doesn’t make him a good candidate for very young children. Rabbits have very delicate skeletal systems. For this reason rabbits should not be picked up by children under the age of 10. Even at the age of 10 a child needs to have a good understanding of how to properly handle a rabbit. We adopt to adults and not for children. Children most often lose interest in rabbits as pets. They require a lot of care and attention which children are not willing to invest in. Rabbits are a long term commitment. They live 10 to 12 years. Research how to properly care for a rabbit before making the decision to adopt.

Runny Babbit has already been abandoned outside once. He needs a true forever loving indoor home.

Runny Babbit was bonded to Pogo and Adopted 2/2/2019!!


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