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Maisie is a spayed female. Maisie is a French Lop. Maisie is a big beautiful rabbit weighing in at 14 pounds! This darling bunny loves to be pet. She's looking a for a loving place to call home. Maisie will need lots of room inside of her indoor home to play and lounge around. Housing her in...
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Ty is a neutered male. Ty is a Mini-Rex, Adorable Ty was found abandoned outside. Alone and hungry, volunteers were finally able to capture him and bring him to safety. Ty is full of energy and loves to eat his greens and his timothy hay. Ty would love to have a bunny friend. Follow us on Facebook Read more


Butterscotch is a young neutered Harlequin male. Butterscotch had a bad bite wound on his nose and lots of wounds on his back and sides. Dr. Griffiths neutered him, shaved the wound areas, and sent him to foster care with instructions to keep the wounds clean (warm compresses were used), apply ointment, and oral antibiotics. He...
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Trixie & Cooper

Trixie and Cooper are a very sweet bonded pair. Both enjoy being petted and groomed. Trixie has an adventurous spirit and likes to explore. She also does the worlds cutest binkys. Cooper's happy place is sitting in a box (he might actually be a cat). Together, these two are very loving and gentle. They have excellent bathroom habits and...
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