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Barry is a beautiful Blue Beveren. He was abandoned at a park in Citrus Heights. Luckily for Barry a good smaritian found him and was able to rescue him. Barry was so scared at the park. Rabbits don't have the survival skills that wild hares have to care for themselves outside. Rabbits should NEVER be...
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Lito is a darling Harlequin Mini-Lop. This sweet boy was surrendered to local shelter for biting children in the home. The shelter was going to euthanize him but contacted us first. We suspect he was mistreated by the children in the home. He also sustained an injury to his eye while in his previous home....
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Bonny was found abandoned outside. Rabbits don't have survival instincts to survive outside on their own. A domestic rabbit should NEVER be abandoned outside. Fortunately, Bonny was found by a good Samaritan. Bonny is super sweet. She is spayed and vaccinated against RHVD2. FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM
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Midori is one of Bailey's babies. He is the only boy! Midori is super sweet and playful. He is neutered and vaccinated against RHVD2. Midori would love to be adopted with his Mama or one of his siblings or bonded to another rabbit. Midori: He is the little prince of the family. Many of his sisters...
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