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Bonny is a 13 month old with lots of energy.  She was rescued from a very bad outdoor environment and is the sister to Rupert and Butterscotch.  Addie is her mom.  She is spayed, vaccinated (RHDV2 Vaccine), and will require an annual booster, microchipped, and is litter box trained.
She is strictly indoors...
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Bailey was abandoned at Crossroads Community Park in Citrus Heights. It’s illegal to abandon domestic rabbits (Penal Code 597s). Bailey was suffering from heat exhaustion and severe ear mites. The ear mites were so painful that Bailey screamed from the pain when rescuers picked her up. No one knew she was pregnant at the time...
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Buttercup and Westley

Buttercup is the Mama to Westley. Buttercup was rescued from a local shelter where she gave birth. Buttercup and Westley are bonded and need to be adopted together. Mother and son are very attached to one another. Westley is more outgoing and curious. Buttercup is laid back. Both love to be pet. These two darling...
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Adopted March 12, 2022! Kannin is by for the most special foster his foster Mama has had the pleasure of having. It's incredibly evident he has never known love or even basic care and our hearts break to even think of what he must have gone through. Kannin was rescued from an animal cruelty case. He...
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