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Jody & Checkers

Jody and Checkers are a mother/daughter bonded pair. Jody is the mother. She was rescued with a group of rabbits who were abandoned and left to fend for themselves. She is a cautious rabbit who needs someone who can be slow and patient with her. She has a...
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Bailey was abandoned at Crossroads Community Park in Citrus Heights. It’s illegal to abandon domestic rabbits (Penal Code 597s). Bailey was suffering from heat exhaustion and severe ear mites. The ear mites were so painful that Bailey screamed from the pain when rescuers picked her up. No one knew she was pregnant at the time...
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Holly is a beautiful Blue Beveren. She was rescued after being abandoned near a school. She's very sweet and loves to explore. Holly needs a true forever loving indoor home where she never has to worry about being abandoned outside again.
Holly is a natural Magellan and loves exploring. The stairs are her jungle and...
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Felix & Felicity

Felix & Felicity were rescued from being illegally abandoned at a park in Citrus Heights, CA. Rescuers caught Felix first and later Felicity. Scared at the park rescuers saw them huddled together. Being traumatized from being abandoned outside we put them together once we had them altered, vaccinated...
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