#Giving Tuesday 11-29-16

Rabbits like Teddy Bear & Kiki urgently need you!

Today, November 29th 2016 is #GivingTuesday, a global day dedicated to giving back. Your gift will change the lives of rabbits like Teddy Bear who was abandoned fighting for his life. He was unable to eat due to a horrible abscess from a tooth that had grown into his cheek. Kiki was left at a shelter with an upper respiratory infection and an eye that is bulging due to over grown teeth. She is currently in need of surgery to save her eye. Benji was found in a field with an injured foot, covered in urine, and a fox tail stuck in his eye. These rabbits would be euthanized if not for the critical medical care that TEAM-FUR provides.

Our funds are critically low at this time. We urgently need your help!

Please make a contribution today to help rabbits with medical needs by clicking on the DONATE Button at the top of our page!

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Giving Tuesday Benji Before Giving Tuesday Benji after Giving Tuesday Squirrel Giving Tuesday Peanut 1 Giving Tuesday Peanut Giving Tuesday Ollie 1 Giving Tuesday Peter 2 Giving Tuesday Peter Giving Tuesday Kiki Vet Giving Tuesday Ollie Giving Tuesday Teddy Bear Vet Giving Tuesday Darcy 1 Giving Tuesday Teddy Bear

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