Make Mine Chocolate

Don’t buy a live rabbit for Easter. When the novelty has worn off rabbits are dumped at local area shelters endangering them to being killed.  Male bunnies are sexually mature at 8 weeks of age, females at 16 weeks of age. The cost to spay/neuter rabbits costs between $150 and $350. Rabbits have to see certified exotic Vets. 85% of female rabbits are at risk of ovarian or uterine cancer. Destructive behavior such as poor litter box habits, chewing and digging behavior are more prominent in rabbits that are not altered.

Rabbits don’t make good pets for young children. Rabbits are very high maintenance pets. Children tend to want to hold and cuddle animals, rabbits like all feet on the floor.

Rabbits live on average between 10 and 12 years. They are a long term commitment. This year buy chocolate or a toy instead for Easter.

If you decide that you as an adult are ready for a long term commitment and have done your research on how to care for rabbits, contact us at All of our rabbits are altered, litter box trained and socialized. We can help prepare you for a new rabbit.

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