Senior Rabbit Needs A Forever Home

Sweet Ruffles recently lost his human Mommy when she passed away. Sadly, Ruffles, Tulip, Bouncer, and Twinkie were left without food and water for an undetermined amount of time. Poor Ruffles was suffering from gastrointestinal stasis when he was brought to the Bradshaw Animal Shelter. Ruffles was severely dehydrated and starving. The Vet determined that he was underweight. He was provided with sub-q fluids and syringe fed until he started eating on his own. Ruffles is still working on gaining back all the weight he lost.

Ruffles is approximately 8 years old. This sweet loving bunny needs an extra special someone to provide him with a loving indoor home so that he can live out his senior years.

There are many benefits to adopting an elderly rabbit. They no longer have a strong need to chew and dig. They love to nap and enjoy spending time being pet.

Looking for the perfect companion to watch movies with? Consider adopting Ruffles.

Email us at to schedule an appointment to meet Ruffles.

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