Urgent Fundraiser for Sunshine

Friends, we have an urgent need to raise money to pay for Sunshine’s surgery. We rescued sweet Sunshine from a shelter where she had two large abscesses along her jaw on both sides. She was emaciated and covered in fleas. Now that Sunshine has been on antibiotics for awhile, has put on weight, she’s strong enough to have surgery. Dr. McRoberts sent Sunshine’s dental X-rays to Dr. Harvey. She consulted with her and a plan has been set. We need to transport Sunshine to Chabot Veterinary Clinic in Hayward, CA. Dr. Harvey will be doing an exam, additional x-rays and surgery to clean out the abscesses, remove any abscessed teeth, and file down points and over grown incisors. Dr. McRoberts will be assisting with the surgery. Sunshine will need to be hospitalized for a few days. The estimate on the low end is $1,464.84 and the high end $2,215.09. Will you help us to save Sunshine’s life by making a donation to help with her medical expenses? Tax deductible Donations can be made to our Paypal friendsofunwantedrabbits@gmail.com or click here

☀️?Your help to ensure Sunshine lives a hoppy life are greatly appreciated ?☀️

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