Hey everybunny, it’s me, Bertie again. I’m happy most of the time, but if there’s one thing I really hate about summer, it’s how hot it is. Us buns get heatstroke easily if it’s over 80 degrees, which is why I’m glad I live in the house where it’s air conditioned. If I lived outdoors I’d be in danger from the heat, and so would my veggies! No one likes wilted greens. My servants have been complaining too, but they don’t have a fur coat like me, so it’s not like they’re suffering. The cats, on the other hand, enjoy lounging in the sun, fur and all, which I’ll never understand.

Luckily, I have tile floor to lay on, so that’s good for cooling down. The only downside is I slip around when I walk on it. I’ve heard some bunnies get frozen water bottles to lay with; that must be nice, too. Unfortunately, I don’t have separate tile of my own, so sometimes my servants act like I’m in their way when they can easily step around me. Human logic, I’ll never understand it. It’s like they don’t understand I’m their boss.

Speaking of humans, I keep asking them for extra veggies since it’s summer and I could use a few more refreshments, but they just aren’t listening. “You’re putting on a bit of weight, Bertie, time to cut back on the pellets,” they say. They should look at themselves, I’m sure they’re way over two pounds! Oh well, at least I’ll always have plenty of timothy hay.

Speaking of hay, there’s some in my litterbox that could use some munching… Got to go!


Hi everybunny, my name is Bertie, and I’m an adorable dwarf rabbit with lots of opinions and a big appetite! I decided to start my own blog now that I have my own computer. My servants forgot to bring home parsley, so I was looking for shoes to chew when I found this thing on the floor. It has a fun, stringy thing coming from the side to chew, and my paws are just right for the keyboard, so I decided to take it back to my cage. Now I know why my servants spend so much time on the internet! I can order extra hay, look at other buns up for adoption, and, of course, blog.

When I first started looking up bunny stuff, I was shocked to find out there are countless rabbits out there just like me that don’t have homes. I’m trying to talk my servants into getting another bunny, mainly so that I can take their banana chip rations, but apparently that’s not good enough of a reason to adopt. I feel so lucky I have a loving family and get fresh greens every day! Shelters are scary unpredictable places to us rabbits, we like our routine.

I have a house rabbit life with nothing to complain about – well, except when a defiant servant holds me for too long or they skip a snack time – and I wish every bunny could have the life I do. I get free roam of the living room, but there’s always a bit of yelling when I jump somewhere too high or chew on something “important” (as if anything could be more important than me). I get all kinds of chew toys, too! My servants gave me my own stash of magazines because they were tired of me ripping up theirs. My favorite thing is my cardboard box, because I can go there to sulk when people are being annoying or disobedient. I like playing with the cats, but they aren’t allowed in my box under any circumstances. The cats are pretty good about staying out as they know they will be punished with a firm nip. If only humans were as smart as cats…

Anyhow, it’s getting close to bedtime and I have to go remind the main servant of my evening hay refill. I wish you a binky day and lots of dandelion greens!

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